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WELFARE: Drug-testing shown to be a bad idea

The recent proposal to require drug-testing for those seeking family welfare benefits is a bad idea for more than one reason.

• It will cost taxpayers far more than it will save. Florida’s 2011 attempt to drug-test applicants for Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) ended with two significant results: 98 percent of the TANF applicants tested (who were mainly women and children over 12) did not use drugs, and the cost of administering the program was far greater than any hoped-for savings.

• The word “welfare” is too often used without precision, resulting in ignorant judgments about actual recipients

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HELMETS: Legislator can’t be serious about repeal

Re: “Ride without a helmet? Not at public’s expense” (editorial, 2-5).

Your editorial is spot on. I have ridden a motorcycle since I was 16. Forty-five years later, I still enjoy a good ride with friends, but I can’t think of a more regressive piece of legislation than to repeal the helmet law. Surely state Sen. Don Benton can’t be serious.

I can’t find any rational basis as to why the taxpayers should be responsible for lifetime care of a fellow rider so he can feel the breeze go through his hair. Let’s move on to the more serious

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