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CRIME: Don’t jump to conclusions over protective order rejection

Re: “Safety concerned victim” (TNT, 1-25).

Before everyone goes off the deep end about Court Commissioner Mark Gelman denying a domestic violence protective order in October to the woman murdered recently, I would suggest reading the petition and determining why it was denied.

No commissioner or judge wants to pick up the paper and see that someone has been murdered after a protective order was denied. However, in this case Gelman had no choice.

The petition claimed that the man had harassed her by phone. She did not allege that she was fearful. The last allegation of any form of

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TACOMA: City manager’s decision is a no-brainer

Re: “City to decide fate of advocate” (TNT, 8-12).

In the near future, Tacoma City Manager Eric Anderson will have to decide the employment status of employee Gloria Fortson.

First, I have to agree with Fortson’s attorney, when he allegedly contended, according to The News Tribune, that “the City of Tacoma’s Domestic Violence Program has been substantially harmed.” That’s not because of the hearing examiner’s findings against Fortson, but due to the fact that city funds were misused that could have been spent for legitimate causes.

Obviously, the hearing examiner found that Fortson knowingly used city funds to allow a

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DOMESTIC ABUSE: System works against men

Re: “Tacoma employee’s role in custody battle leads to ethics case” (TNT, 7-11).

The story of domestic violence advocate Gloria China Fortson is all too common. As someone who has taken police reports as a reporter from Colorado Springs to Eatonville to Tacoma, I know domestic violence perpetrated against men is not uncommon, but it is underreported.

As serious as outright violence directed at men are crimes that are more conniving. These include financial exploitation, the taking of one’s children, nasty custody battles that almost always favor women, high spousal maintenance support awards and costly child support payments.

The resources

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DOMESTIC ABUSE: Men are being helped, too

Re: “No advocates for men” (letter, 7-16).

Domestic abuse is real. It happens every day, here in our community and around the world. The majority of victims are female, but there is no question that some victims are male.

Domestic abuse happens in heterosexual relationships and in gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender relationships. It happens to the wealthy, middle class and poor, educated and uneducated alike. It tears at the fabric of our society.

It is not a family problem. It is a community problem. Agencies like the Crystal Judson Family Justice Center have been created to help those who

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DOMESTIC ABUSE: Where are advocates for men?

Re: “Audit finds numerous problems with program” (TNT, 7-11).

It’s great that someone is investigating the phony advocates working out of the feminist Crystal Judson Family Center, including the Tacoma Domestic Violence Advocacy Program, Tacoma Human Rights and Human Services Department and the government-funded Northwest Justice Project.

Where are the advocates for men? There are none! State/federal governments and poor males all over the United States are spending hundreds of millions of dollars in the “domestic violence industry.”

The domestic violence industry is a revenue stream for states/cities, courts, judges and welfare for attorneys who can’t make it anywhere else.

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TACOMA: Many victims owe safety to Fortson

When you think of domestic violence services to victims, one quickly thinks of China Fortson. She has dedicated her life working on behalf of victims and their families. She is a sought-after speaker who has trained the faith community, social service and criminal justice programs nationally to identify and support victims of domestic violence.

To see her integrity questioned in the front page of your newspaper (7-11) is a sad day in the long history of advocacy services in the City of Tacoma.

As a former staff to the city’s Domestic Violence Task Force, I am fully aware of the

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