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‘FIFTY SHADES': Violence against women isn’t sexy

So “Fifty Shades of Grey” was the box-office winner this past weekend. But who are the losers?

The actress interviewed in Sunday’s TNT said the movie was “tasteful and artfully done.” I do not intend to see the movie, but I know the losers are victims of domestic violence and sexual assault, and there’s nothing tasteful or artful about it.

I am so proud of my 27-year-old friend who posted this on Facebook: “I have worked with women who are dating or married to a Christian Grey, I have filled out restraining orders with them, and some of them

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SHELTERS: A ‘Fifty Shades’ alternative for Valentine’s

The film “Fifty Shades of Grey” is scheduled for release Saturday. What a travesty that it is released at all, let alone on Valentine’s Day,; a day that traditionally celebrates true love and true romance. Sadly, this film does not celebrate either.

I just read a suggestion that people donate $50 (the approximate amount spent on tickets, snacks and drinks to see this film) to local women’s shelters or other organizations that are the complete antithesis of what is apparently portrayed in this film. Seems like a great idea to me!

If you cannot contribute to a shelter, that’s okay. You

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ABUSE: Where’s equity for erring politicians?

With the recent issues of domestic violence, drug use, DUIs, child abuse, arrests, etc., in the NFL, our politicians have voiced outrage over how the NFL is handling this and are demanding changes. I agree, but with one additional demand.

Whatever changes are made for suspension length, penalties or total banning from the NFL, these same rules should apply to our politicians.

It is always funny how when a politician is arrested for drug use, charged with domestic violence, arrested for DUI, etc., that the party of the accused politicians says “It is a personal issue that does not affect

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NFL: Domestic violence goes beyond football

We are saddened by recent acts of violence by NFL players, yet pleased that Commissioner Roger Goodell has designated a vice president of social responsibility and retained the services of experts to help the NFL shape policies and programs relating to domestic violence and sexual assault.

His letter to all NFL teams and staff indicates plans to reach out to NFL employees, families and communities. That’s a good start; however, we urge the NFL to expand its scope.

These issues are not limited to areas with an NFL team. Domestic violence is a broad societal issue; it exists in every

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DV: Simplistic definition is misleading

Ray Rice’s assault of his fiancee was clearly deplorable, but that it was an act of domestic violence is less clear. The assault of a significant other is a criminal act of domestic violence.

An abuse counselor, however, might look at the couple’s pattern of behavior and conclude that the act was a one-time incident and an assault but not an act of domestic violence. This distinction has significant consequences.

The Baltimore Ravens terminated Rice with a $25 million  parachute. Most are not so fortunate. A DV conviction may result in the loss of employment, loss of future job opportunities,

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ELECTION: Angel favors guns over DV victims

This past March, The New York Times wrote a powerful story about how in Washington state gun rights trump orders of protection for the victims of domestic violence.

They told the story of Stephanie Holten from Spokane who obtained a protection order from her husband because he had thrust a gun in her mouth and threatened to kill her. The judge’s order prohibited Holten from going within two blocks of Stephanie’s home, but what it didn’t require him to do was surrender his guns.

About 12 hours later, Holten was lying in wait armed with a small semiautomatic rifle. He

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DOMESTIC VIOLENCE: Police need to protect their own

Re: “Judson story puts a face on countless other victims” (TNT, 4-26).

Last week a neighbor heard a man and woman yelling at each other as they sat inside a car parked outside of a neighbor’s home (neither lived at this residence). The yelling was so loud, this neighbor could hear it from inside the house, with no windows or doors opened, and the yelling had lasted an hour and a half.

My neighbor called the police (not 911) and thoroughly explained the situation. So when the police arrived, out stepped a lone, female police officer.

I was flabbergasted!

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