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ELECTION: Angel favors guns over DV victims

This past March, The New York Times wrote a powerful story about how in Washington state gun rights trump orders of protection for the victims of domestic violence.

They told the story of Stephanie Holten from Spokane who obtained a protection order from her husband because he had thrust a gun in her mouth and threatened to kill her. The judge’s order prohibited Holten from going within two blocks of Stephanie’s home, but what it didn’t require him to do was surrender his guns.

About 12 hours later, Holten was lying in wait armed with a small semiautomatic rifle. He

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DOMESTIC VIOLENCE: Police need to protect their own

Re: “Judson story puts a face on countless other victims” (TNT, 4-26).

Last week a neighbor heard a man and woman yelling at each other as they sat inside a car parked outside of a neighbor’s home (neither lived at this residence). The yelling was so loud, this neighbor could hear it from inside the house, with no windows or doors opened, and the yelling had lasted an hour and a half.

My neighbor called the police (not 911) and thoroughly explained the situation. So when the police arrived, out stepped a lone, female police officer.

I was flabbergasted!

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MARRIAGE: Other factors better for middle class

Re: “‘Knot yet’ in America” (TNT, 3-24).

The article suggests that the solution to middle-class demise is marriage. I assume it was written by a conservative with little experience with reality.

A living-wage job would help keep marriages together. A major stressor of marriage is lack of adequate income that puts strains on the whole family.

Domestic violence destroys marriages and emotional health of the children. Stop and think of how many women have been killed by their partners in the last few years. Even a police chief killed his wife. Recently a man bragged to the public that

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VIOLENCE: Focus more on protection, enforcement

Re: “Protective orders don’t protect from gun violence” (TNT, 3-18).

I would like to see the focus of public and media attention broaden from gun control to actual protection in intimate partner violence cases.

The Spanaway man who allegedly killed his wife last week did not use a gun. His earlier act of nearly suffocating her got him exactly one day in jail. Fifteen years as a social services and mental health professional have shown me that gun use is just one of many ways that people facing protection orders continue to stalk, harass, threaten, injure and kill those

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KILLINGS: Educate readers about domestic violence

Re: “Spanaway man pleads not guilty in deaths” (TNT, 8-31).

The tragedy of the Holmes’ murders is made worse by the coverage as The News Tribune misses another opportunity to inform. This was not, as reported, a “dispute” or “slaying.” It was an act of domestic violence, plain and simple.

The TNT should use these all- too-common tragedies to educate the public. By consistently using the label “domestic violence” to describe these acts, readers will come to understand that this is a pervasive problem that has a devastating impact on our community.

Imagine the lives that could be saved

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DOMESTIC VIOLENCE: A Valentine’s Day wakeup call

On Valentine’s Day every year, students flock into the school hallways with balloons, chocolates and cheesy cards to give to their crushes or partners. It’s a day for those in relationships to be lovingly spoiled and a day for everyone else to exchange gifts with family and friends.

However, this past Valentine’s day, I walked into Wilson High School through the flock of young teen couples and saw small papers taped up by Wilson’s ASB class in literally every hallway, bathroom stall and doorway of the school. Each paper was a public service announcement providing a helpline number for teens

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GRAMMYS: Show wrong to celebrate Chris Brown

I like a lot of different styles of music, so I usually watch at least part of the Grammy Awards. I was surprised and bothered this year to see the way in which the Grammys and the attendant audience celebrated Chris Brown.

You may remember that on Grammy night in 2009, Brown beat up his then girlfriend Rihanna, sending her to the hospital with a badly battered face and teeth bite marks on her arms and fingers. He pled guilty to felony assault and is still on probation (a minor detail apparently overlooked by the Grammy folks in a momentary

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