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OBAMA: Where’s outrage over president’s corruption?

I am amazed by the deafening silence from my progressive friends on the outrageous actions by President Obama of late.

Obama uses an executive order to implement immigration reform and bypass Congress; his Department of Justice shields Attorney General Holder from having to answer for his contempt of Congress; and the president asserts executive privilege to hide the truth about “Fast and Furious.”

Obama’s Health and Human Services requires employers to cover contaceptives, abortifacients and sterilization in the health insurance they provide their employees despite their religious objections. He refuses to enforce immigration laws and defend the Defense of Marriage

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OBAMA: How can he have confidence in Eric Holder?

President Obama said (TNT, 10-6) he has full confidence in Attorney General Eric Holder and how he runs his office. Then he said neither he nor Holder had full knowledge of the Fast and Furious Operation.

This is a curious comment, since Holder has responsibility for having full knowledge of this type of Justice Department operation. How can Obama have full confidence in him if he doesn’t know what he is supposed to know?