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HANFORD: Limit public’s access to B Reactor

Re: “Hanford’s B Reactor: A park haunted by the 20th century” (editorial, 8-20).

I believe the B Reactor is fine the way it is, and I believe it’s a mistake to turn it into a park.

I visited the B Reactor in 2009. At that time, public tours were infrequent, space was limited and reservations were hard to come by. My tour group found the building very much as it was when shut down in 1968, save for the necessary clean-up work. There was little sign the place had become a museum.

In the control room, I stood inches

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NUKE WASTE: Outcry over Yucca Mountain reflects hypocrisy

Re: “Hastings slams DOE over Yucca Mountain closure” (newstribune.com, 6-2).

All the hand-wringing and crocodile tears being shed over the decision to terminate the proposed Yucca Mountain nuclear waste dump by Rep. Doc Hastings, R-Wash., and others at the House Energy and Commerce Committee hearing June 1 just serve to highlight the hypocrisy that has characterized Congress’ involvement in the nuclear waste management issue over the years.

Where was the outcry when Washington’s own Tom Foley (then House majority leader) joined forces with the likes of Jim Wright (speaker of the House from Texas), Louisiana Sen. J. Bennet Johnston (Energy

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