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FERRIES: Government derelict in selling vessels

Re: “Derelict vessels damage state’s budget and environment” (Viewpoint, 2-26).

Ah, the irony. The fact is that at least two of the large vessels (the Kalakala and Olympic) not in the state budget to abate were sold by the state “as is” to private parties with big dreams that never materialized.

Maybe there should be a lemon law where obsolete ferries are concerned. Or maybe the “real” cost of providing replacement ferries should include disposal of the old prior to the “fiscal and ecological cost becoming too high,” as Commissioner of Public Lands Peter Goldmark put it.

Other industries

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FIRE: National forests at even greater risk

Re: “Take steps now to decrease future risk of forest fires” (editorial, 9-4).

The editorial highlights an important need to manage forests to provide better resiliency to forest fires, giving examples of efforts on state trust lands and private forest lands.

However the need for better management also urgently exists on national forest lands, which represent even greater fire risks due to their larger area and management history.

Congressionally authorized stewardship contracting involving local communities in developing and implementing actions should not be overlooked in our efforts to reduce forest fire risks statewide.


TACOMA: Where’s protection for residents, environment?

The oily airborne events of this past Friday from the Maritime Administration ships isn’t their first, nor will it be their last if left unchecked.

I have seen and smelled exhaust coming from their stacks into my windows and later have seen the same exhaust trapped in the Garfield Park, tennis club and Annie Wright School area. I have seen exhaust plumes wafting at tree level into Old Town and toward Stadium High School.

I have seen scraping and sand-blasting without tenting to prevent paint particles from entering the air or bay that a private boat owner couldn’t dare get

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