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HOLIDAYS: Is it time to honor all distinctions?

American society celebrates only two ethnic national holidays: St. Patrick’s Day and Cinco de Mayo. These days are on every calendar as honor to the Irish and Latinos. Bars and pubs decorate for the occasion while serving green beer, margaritas and ethnic dishes. We all enjoy these holidays. It’s a time to enjoy these cultural ascendancies.

America is a land of edifying diversity. Our heterogenous population migrated from every corner of the globe to settle in this land of freedom and opportunity. There are Brits, Scots, French, Italians, Spaniards, Norwegians, Austrians, Russians, Germans, Poles, Africans, Arabs, Indians, Koreans, Japanese, Canadians,

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RACE: ‘Millenials’ most welcoming to diversity

The racial inequality that still affects our country today is a large reason for the lack of opportunities that many minority groups face when trying to loosen the grips of poverty. A large factor in the many reasons behind this social injustice is the common misconceptions surrounding work ethic and stereotypes.

Although statistics show that more than half of Americans agree that there is racial inequality there is progress, I am proud to be a young adult in “the Millenials” generation. More so than any other generation before us we are the most welcoming to diversity and the least skeptical

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AMERICANS: You can call me Bob

Regarding what to call people who are sometimes described as black or African American (TNT, 2-4):

My ancestors came from Norway, Sweden, Germany, Ireland and England, but people call me Bob. Barack Obama’s relatives came from Kenya, Ireland and probably also places like Germany, the Netherlands and Tanzania. People should call him President Obama.

I am proud that we have multi-colored Americans whose ancestors came from all over the world.