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RELIGON: Jesus didn’t create morality police

In America, retailers choose what they will sell, not who they will sell to. A Jewish restaurant owner can keep pork off the menu but can’t keep Gentiles out of the restaurant. A Christian florist can refuse to sell roses altogether but can’t refuse to sell roses to a Hindu who plans to offer them to Shiva.

Jesus didn’t commission his people to be morality police nor enjoin them to withhold goods or services from those whose lifestyles he doesn’t approve. He never said anything like, “If you are aware of someone’s sin, refuse to serve them,” but he definitely

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BIAS: Discrimination is never acceptable

Re: I read Leonard Pitts Jr.’s column (TNT, 9-23) that mentioned a bumper sticker that read: “2012 Don’t Re-Nig.”

That is a sad commentary on society. It is equally as sad as a society that judges a contender for president based upon his religion and whatever the perceptions or misconceptions of that religion may be.

Discrimination is discrimination, and it should never be acceptable. Unfortunately, some people will never get it.


RACE: ‘Millenials’ most welcoming to diversity

The racial inequality that still affects our country today is a large reason for the lack of opportunities that many minority groups face when trying to loosen the grips of poverty. A large factor in the many reasons behind this social injustice is the common misconceptions surrounding work ethic and stereotypes.

Although statistics show that more than half of Americans agree that there is racial inequality there is progress, I am proud to be a young adult in “the Millenials” generation. More so than any other generation before us we are the most welcoming to diversity and the least skeptical

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