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DISABILITY: Motorcyclist may need handicapped parking, too

I am a 65-year-old disabled veteran with severe pain in both legs caused by diabetes. I ride a small motorcycle with a disabled person license plate.

Almost daily I get nasty looks, snide remarks and even notes on my bike reminding me of the penalty for illegally parking in a handicap space. All people see is the motorcycle and not the plate.

My mode of transport has nothing to do with my ability to walk. Not all disabilities are visible. I wish people would take time to observe before being so judgmental.


GOP: Obstinance costing U.S. its credibility

On Tuesday, the Senate fell short of the two-thirds vote required to ratify a United Nations treaty, the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. All the votes against were Republican.

The treaty requires no change to U.S. law, and is patterned after the standards in the Americans With Disabilities Act. It would be a non-binding international standard.

I cannot understand the current thinking of the far right senators who voted against this treaty signed by President Bush. Does this signal a growing isolationism, a disregard of the status of people with disabilities, or what? Was this just another

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DISABILITY: Are disabled people a burden on society?

Re: “The disabled unemployed deserve better” (letter, 6-20).

The letter writer wrote that disabled people are often targets of budget cuts to services they sometimes need. People assume that disabled people are able to work full time and get needed medical through work insurance programs. However, many disabled people are unable to work and often are denied insurance due to their disability.

Comments on the article and letter speak of these people leeching off taxpayers because they “don’t want to work.” A friend of mine is a legal assistant and told me the state of Connecticut only found six people

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VETERANS: All service members deserve respect

My husband is a 100 percent disabled veteran of Operation Desert Storm and the Liberation of Kuwait. Due to chemical exposure while he was serving in the Gulf he has developed a terminal illness called ALS.

As a service-connected disabled veteran, he draws disability payments from the VA and receives commissary and exchange privileges; as his wife, I receive these as well as other benefits. We are issued a military ID to use these services.

Lately I have been asking about military discounts at various locations that offer them only to be informed that those discounts are only available for

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