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RECALL: Race more about a weak opponent

Wisconsin’s recall election shows that Gov. Scott Walker had advantage of time and the possible forgetfulness of some state voters. Tom Barrett, current mayor of Milwaukee, was chosen as challenger even though he was a two-time gubernatorial loser.

Walker knew he would be up for possible recall as far back as November 2011. Barrett threw in his hat on March 30; he won the primary May 8 – a full 28 days before the general recall. Walker’s campaign had six months of time to set his agenda, gather alliances and money. Barrett lost in the 2002 primary and again in

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BUDGET: McKenna mostly right

Re: “McKenna campaigns with faulty data” (TNT, 6-20).

Reading the anti-McKenna article brought back memories of the debate between Dino Rossi and Chris Gregoire, televised live. Rossi claimed our governor was close to $3 billion in debt. She hotly shot back that was a lie, and in fact we had a $2 billion surplus.

A few weeks later she was elected, and we found out she was indeed in debt, but not $2.8 billion, but over $3 billion. She openly lied to the people of our state, and not once did the media hold her feet to the fire for

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ELECTION: Politics needs a ‘three strikes’ rule, too

I’m so happy that Decision 2010 is finally over. It was great to see new faces on the political stage. To help this trend to continue, I wish everyone had to abide to term limits.

It’s also my concern that term limits will never become law nationwide. But there’s is another problem that needs to be addressed; candidates who keep running year after year and losing each time.

Here’s what I like to see in Washington: a “three strikes, you’re out” initiative. Case in point: Dino Rossi lost to Christine Gregoire for governor twice and recently lost to Patty Murray.

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ROSSI: Once again, we fail to elect a great leader

Once again, the majority of voters in our state have ignorantly chosen not to elect Dino Rossi to represent us in public office. Rossi has a brilliant, mathematically based brain that we so desperately need in our pitiful government. His level head and common sense are attributes that so few politicians possess.

I would like to thank Dino for his compassion and service to the citizens of Washington. We the people are the real losers for once again failing to elect a great American.


ROSSI: Is state ready for a deja vu?

It seems to me the only unanswered question about this year’s election is whether or not the King County Democratic machine will be able to steal another election victory from Dino Rossi.


ELECTION: No more Republican rich getting richer

Why would anyone want to send another no voting yes man to the Senate to help Mitch McConnell finish destroying the government?

Why return to Republican economics which resulted in losing half of our retirement fund and value of our homes? No thanks!. Privatize Social Security? Who would that benefit? This is change or a return to the same old ideas of the rich getting richer and the middle class gets screwed.

When Carter was in office the deficit was almost a trillion dollars. After twenty years of Reagen,Bush and Bush it’s around fourteen trillion dollars and they blame the

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ELECTION: “Drama Queens” for Murray

My, how election season brings out the “drama queens.” Recently, as a Rossi supporter attending Vice President Biden’s campaign rally for Patty Murray at UW Tacoma, I stood with 15 others holding Dino Rossi signs, surrounded by 50 t-shirted union members who initially insisted that they had rented the sidewalk and the Rossi supporters should leave. (It’s public property; we didn’t.)

One individual paraded in front of us in an orange jumpsuit showing names of various banks, repeatedly shrieking that Rossi is just a banker (he’s not) who cares only about his “buddies.” When I challenged her “facts”, all

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ELECTION: Rossi needs to get real

I am getting a little tired of Dino Rossi’s allegations about Sen. Patty Murray’s “tax-and-spend” record. Does he think the American voters are so short-memoried that they don’t recall the beginnings of Murray’s time in Congress? You know, when she was voting with the Clinton administration, building a great budget surplus and leading the country to prosperity?

Perhaps he is talking about the eight years of the Bush administration, when this county developed a trillion dollar deficit (not counting the military, which was excluded) and the huge recession we currently enjoy.

Now, when she is trying to help us out

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