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UPLACE: Muri keeps making false statement

Re: “Candidate’s Town Center remarks upset officials” (TNT, 6-21).

Dick Muri has stated that his comments about University Place’s Town Center are important to his campaign. He continues to state that UP will go broke because it can’t pay back the millions of dollars it borrowed to develop the Town Center project.

If this is so important to his campaign, why didn’t he tell the truth? He should have talked to Ken Grassi and the City Council for the facts before relying on rumors.

So the town project is moving slowly; it is still moving. A cafe with a

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ELECTION: Flemming’s actions not conservative

The citizens of the new 10th Congressional District will have a choice between two Republicans, Dick Muri and Stan Flemming. Both currently serve as members of the Pierce County Council. Both have long, distinguished military records. Both have served on boards of education. So who to choose?

As a member of the University Place City Council, Flemming did not protect the property rights of area merchants or the taxpayers when he supported building of the new Town Center.

This project was designed to bring upscale retail outlets to the area, while at the same time building a new city hall.

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911: Proposition 1 is limited to life of the bonds

Opponents of Proposition 1, which creates a seamless countywide emergency communications system called South Sound 911, are making lots of incorrect claims.

Let’s set the record straight.

CLAIM: This is a permanent tax.
FACT: As a member of your Pierce County Council, I sponsored the amendment that placed an air-tight “sunset clause” on the sales tax increase. The one-tenth of one percent sales tax will expire in 25 years, after the construction bonds are paid off. It would take voter approval to renew it.

CLAIM: The government will “quietly” shift this tax to other areas after the capital needs

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PIERCE COUNTY: Kudos to Flemming for rising above partisan politics

It is rare that I want to tip my cap to a Republican or a former opponent, but Pierce County Councilman Stan Flemming deserves kudos for crossing party lines on Tuesday’s council vote regarding the county’s Redistricting Commission.

Flemming has also been very responsive and engaging in helping PenMet Parks address some county issues that would allow the district to provide more recreational opportunities on the Gig Harbor Peninsula. I hope he continues to do what is right for his constituents, not just his party.

On the flip side, it is disappointing to see Councilmen Roger Bush and Dick Muri

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ELECTION: Muri left campaign to help community

The Friends of Cherrydale Woods would like to thank Pierce County Councilmember Dick Muri for his encouragement, guidance, and support of our efforts to preserve Cherrydale Woods from the developer’s bulldozer.

Here’s an indication of how Dick Muri works for us: On the day before the Nov. 2 election, he took several hours out from his campaign for Congress to attend the county’s community development committee meeting on the conservation futures program.

He is not a member of that committee, but he wanted to be there to explain to the public why he supported the amendment that revised Cherrydale Woods’

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ELECTION: Candidates display different kinds of courage

In the 9th congressional district stretching from Olympia to Auburn. two able candidates are kicking it in.

The incumbent Adam Smith and Dick Muri, the challenger of county council fame, sparred last night at the Steilacoom town hall. But let’s consider the courage of these candidates. Witness Smith’s comments recently , “I was elected to make difficult decisions, not to hide from them”, in reference to his affirmative health care reform, stimulus, and other votes. But wait, didn’t he spent most of the last year hiding his true intentions about those votes from constituents, and obfuscating right up to the

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ELECTION: Adam Smith is no ‘fiscal hawk’

Democrat Adam Smith is in a tight battle with Republican Dick Muri for election as representative for Washington’s 9th Congressional District.

Smith claims to be a moderate Democrat and self-styled “fiscal hawk.” To recount Smith’s record (which is largely absent from any of his campaign ads), our “fiscal hawk” is responsible for voting for the $356 billion Troubled Asset Relief Program (aka “bank bailout”) and the $787 billion American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (aka “stimulus”), which has not resulted in any stimulus of the economy save for Smith’s counterfactual arguments that things would be worse without it.


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ELECTION: It’s the spending, stupid

Re: “Re-elect Dicks, Reichert and Smith” (editorial, 10-12).

It’s the spending, stupid.

Once again, The News Tribune has demonstrated that it is part of the problem and not the solution by endorsing the same incumbents who voted for massive increases in government spending. I used to think Adam Smith was a nice pragmatic guy, too, but over the past several years he has shifted hard to the left in favor of big government and big spending.

He was a yes vote on the massive, ineffective stimulus bill and Obamacare, and has supported Nancy Pelosi’s far-left agenda in almost all the

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