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ELECTION: Dick Muri’s best on JBLM issues

There are significant contrasts between Denny Heck and Dick Muri, the candidates for the new 10th Congressional District. Heck did not bother to participate personally in the first three public forums held in Graham, West Olympia and Steilacoom. Muri participated in all three to give maximum personal interface opportunities to voters.

Muri joined Heck in the fourth public forum held in downtown Olympia that was organized in part by the Olympian newspaper. The TNT gave extensive coverage on some of the the issues, but rightfully did not include many that were Washington state issues in current referendums.

But the TNT

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ELECTION: Kilmer hypocritical about wealth

Re: “Denny Heck collects more than Dick Muri” (TNT, 10-16).

Why not hold everyone to the same standards? In this article, Democrat Derek Kilmer’s quote against his Republican opponent in the 6th District, Bill Driscoll, stood out: “There are 253 millionaires in our Congress, and he would like your vote to make him No. 254.”

His argument can be used against his fellow Democrat running in the new 10th District, Denny Heck, as well. Heck is a millionaire, as is Bill Driscoll; however, Kilmer has endorsed Heck, despite the fact that if elected, he would add to the numbers

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ELECTION: 10th District needs Dick Muri

Dick Muri has represented his district and the citizens of Pierce County well while serving on the County Council. His accomplishments during his tenure include a balanced county budget and a “rainy day” reserve fund, cutting waste and inefficiencies within county government, promoting local jobs by easing rules for employers, and preservation of hundreds of acres of wilderness so as to provide for habitat protection and recreational uses.

Being a 22-year Air Force veteran, Muri understands veterans issues and is committed to protecting veterans and their families. He is also very aware of the significance of Joint Base Lewis-McChord and

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ELECTION: Heck supports common-sense legislation

Re: “Muri shows middle-class values” (letter, 8-16).

I was struck by the many false claims and half-truths in this letter supporting Pierce County Councilman Dick Muri for U.S. Congress, mostly about the Affordable Care Act signed into law by President Obama – a law which I strongly support, and so does Denny Heck.

Heck will be a solid voice for middle-class residents of the 10th Congressional District by supporting laws such as the Affordable Care Act which introduce common-sense reforms into the health insurance market, prohibit insurance companies from denying coverage to those with pre-existing conditions, and slow the

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ELECTION: Heck’s goals are strongly middle class

The recent letter, “Muri shows middle-class values” (TNT, 8-16) caught my attention for its unfair and untrue implications about Denny Heck.

Heck is most certainly defending middle-class values. He wants to stimulate jobs that would bolster the middle class in America. He knows that investing in roads, bridges, schools and other public facilities would create the jobs that allow people to live a middle-class life.

Just ask some of the people who are working on street-improvement jobs in Steilacoom or who upgraded parts of Steilacoom Boulevard in Lakewood last year. These improvements were funded by state and federal government

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ELECTION: Muri reflects middle-class values

Tenth Congressional District candidate Denny Heck states that he supports the policies of President Obama; that he and the president are defending “America’s middle-class values.”

To what values is he referring? Are they the values of an unemployment rate of over 8 percent, with an estimated 23 million Americans either unemployed or no longer looking for employment?

Are they the values of Obamacare, which promised that medical insurance rates for the middle class would be reduced but have instead, increased?

Are they the values of the Obamacare that defunds Medicare by $716 billion so that senior citizens will ultimately be

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ELECTION: Candidates’ actions are telling

Re: “Candidates clash over study session” (TNT, 7-29).

The article gave me great insight into the motivation of congressional candidates Stan Flemming and Dick Muri. Flemming criticized Muri, saying he “chose to blow off the constituents of the 10th District so he could sit and dine on a bbq chicken luncheon which he felt was more important.”

That luncheon was a Pierce County Council study session. As I see it, Flemming’s priorities were politics over doing his job as a County Council member. Muri chose doing the job he was elected for over campaigning for election. Flemming “blew off”

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UPLACE: Flemming’s judgment in question

Re: “Muri keeps making false statement” (letter, 6-27).

Let me get this straight. We in University Place are supposed to forget that a modern library was destroyed because it was inconveniently located. We are to forget about all of the shops and restaurants that once served the community and paid taxes. We are to forget that elected officials promised us that Town Center would be profitable for the city and “put us on the map.”

But now they say that we should be satisfied with a cafe, a child play area, a replacement for our more-than-adequate library, a city

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