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IRAQ: Obama’s retreat has been a disaster

Do the Democrats really want to relitigate the Iraq war? Dick Cheney served this country honorably and was a key adviser to President George W. Bush. Bush made the decision to go to war, not Cheney. The decision was supported by numerous Democrats, including Sens Hillary Clinton and John Kerry.

There is an abundance of evidence that Saddam Hussein had ties to many Islamic terrorist groups including al-Qaida and that he supported global terrorism. The Bush administration feared he might share weapons of mass destruction with one of these groups that could then launch attacks against the U.S. A 2008

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IRAQ: Send in Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld to fix things

Major news outlets around the country are reporting the deployment of the nuclear carrier George H. W. Bush to the Persian Gulf in the wake of unrest in Iraq.

It doubtless will be tasked with destroying various armies, but – being a ship and all – not actually entering Baghdad.

That, of course, isn’t likely to actually fix things in Iraq, but we could, in short order, send a newer and bigger carrier called the G.W. Bush, perhaps sending it along with the destroyer Dick Cheney and cruiser Donald Rumsfeld to get the mission accomplished.


IRAQ: Neocons can’t blame Obama for what they caused

It boggles the mind to see Bush administration neocons like Dick Cheney, Paul Wolfowitz and Paul Bremer blaming President Obama for the Iraq civil war which they fomented.

Sunni and Shi’a lived side by side in Iraq, and there was no al-Qaida there before the U.S. invasion. These neoconservative imperialists exploited tribal divisions, as colonialists usually do. They picked a gangster Shi’a president, Nuri al-Maliki, who persecuted Sunnis.

On the other hand, they bribed Sunni warriors, who had been killing Americans, to form the “Sunni Awakening,” which has now morphed into the vicious army of the Islamic State of Iraq

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IRAQ: Let’s not forget, this is Cheney’s handiwork

In 1994, former Secretary of Defense Dick Cheney vigorously defended the 1991 decision of the elder Bush not to invade Baghdad and take out Saddam Hussein, rightly claiming that doing so would disastrously destabilize the region and “if we broke it, we would own it.”

Much later, something changed his mind. Was it becoming the CEO of Halliburton, which has made untold billions on the ensuing war and stands to continue making billions more? As chief counsel and vice president to a man utterly inexperienced regarding foreign policy, he carried unprecedented influence in the crucial period between 9/11 and the

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MIDEAST: McCain wrong about abandoning Iraq

So now al-Qaida has taken over a hunk of Iraq – further proof that our meddling in the Middle East is the biggest mistake we ever made.

Despite all the American blood and money that was poured into Iraq and all the American money poured into Halliburton by Cheney/Bush, Iraq is still not a miniature U.S. Go figure. Nor Afghanistan. Nor will Iran ever be.

These people have been the way they are for centuries, a lot longer than we have been the way we are. And we have actually been the “way we are” for only the last 100

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BENGHAZI: Finding truth about attack does matter

Re: “Republicans show hypocrisy on Benghazi” (letter, 5-24).

This letter writer and other liberals have repeatedly claimed that the Iraq War was based on lies. This claim is simply not true. There was never any evidence to support these allegations directly other than people saying it. President Bush didn’t lie to the American people.

The writer asks, “Where were these so-called patriots when 4,000 Americans died in Iraq?” Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney and true patriots were honoring them for making the ultimate sacrifice for their country. Where was she? Down at the Port of Tacoma participating in an

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HEALTH CARE: Who paid for Cheney’s transplant?

It’s reassuring to former Vice President Dick Cheney’s family and close associates, I’m sure, to know he is recovering so well from transplant surgery. One can’t help wondering, however, if he paid for this surgery himself or if he used his federally funded, full-coverage insurance.

It seems fitting that the U.S. Supreme Court is hearing oral arguments about aspects of Obama’s health care plan, which provides insurance to millions of American who otherwise would not have been able to afford even basic coverage.