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STEM CELLS: Destruction of embryos isn’t progress

Re: “Breakthrough on diabetes that almost didn’t happen” (Off the wire, 10-16).

When researchers argue for the harvesting of human embryonic stem cells by asserting that use of the cells “has incredible promise to alleviate human suffering,” they should think carefully about where that sort of logic could take them.

Depraved means are not justified by a good and desirable end. The ancients told a myth of their god, Saturn, eating his children, but they at least saw the cruelty in the story. We of a more “advanced” civilization dissect our offspring for the sake of our health and

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BUDGET: Republicans welcome sequester pain

In a few days, a far-right Republican cult will allow the budget sequester to go into effect and fulfill their dream of sabotaging Barack Obama’s presidency.

They had a chance to work on a compromise last week, but since Republicans control the congressional schedule, they opted for a “work week” and forced everyone in the House to leave.

President Obama has a deficit-reduction package on the table of half taxes, half budget cuts. Nothing could be more fair and balanced. But Republicans won’t deal.

When poor children in Head Start programs and their teachers are denied education and employment, Republicans

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DIABETES: Take action toward healthier lives

Re: “For our future, diabetes initiative must be reauthorized” (Viewpoint, 7-21).

I am encouraged that public awareness of diabetes is increasing through grass-roots efforts and organizations such as the Diabetes Foundation. As a physical therapist in the public schools, a member of the Washingtion State Childhood Obesity Prevention Coalition and a parent of culturally influenced teens, I am exposed to and alarmed at the rising numbers of overweight, unhealthy, at-risk children.

I am equally alarmed at the lack of knowledge in the general population with regard to understanding healthy eating habits. I support the Diabetes Foundation in its mission to

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