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BOEING: Workers reject becoming wage slaves

Re: “Union mentality reminiscent of Detroit” (letter, 11-23).

The writer needs to review the facts surrounding the recent Machinists union members’ rejection of Boeing’s attempt to destroy their pensions and introduce a bit of the Southern poverty economy to Washington state.

The “taking, taking, taking” he cites was really Boeing’s taking from the workers, not the other way around.

He claims the Machinists at Boeing are somehow repeating what the auto workers’ unions did in Detroit, leading to the loss of jobs. I might suggest he look up the history of the decline of the American car industry. He

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BOEING: Union mentality reminiscent of Detroit

It appears that the union thinking of Detroit’s auto workers of the past has been duplicated in our fair state, as exhibited by the recent rejection of Boeing’s contract offer.

The failure of those auto workers then to face economic reality resulted in the collapse of an industry that few people had envisioned and which required the U.S. government (actually, the U.S. taxpayers) to rescue. Is that what the union members at Boeing want for Washington?

Some of these workers claim that they voted for the rejection to “protect our children and grandchildren who may wish to be employed by

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