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TRADE: Retailers appreciate legislators’ support

Thanks to South Sound Reps. Derek Kilmer, D-Gig Harbor, and Dave Reichert, R-Auburn, for their recent votes to grant President Obama authority to negotiate international trade agreements that would benefit our state.

The Washington Retail Association and many of our members rely on robust trade as an engine of economic growth and job creation. Trade Promotion Authority policy creates a partnership of the president and Congress seeking to lower tariffs and eliminate barriers to growing U.S. trade prospects. TPA will allow the U.S. to demand high standards and transparency from our trading partners.

Forty percent of Washington state jobs depend upon the

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TRADE: Kilmer sells out workers with fast-track vote

The vote by my representative, Congressman Derek Kilmer, in support of fast-tracking another job-killing trade agreement was a betrayal of the American people.

Nobody says we shouldn’t trade, but so-called free trade agreements like NAFTA and now this Trans-Pacific Partnership kill American jobs so Walmart and other transnational corporations can make a vulture’s profit from our once proud economy. TPP is treason in a trade deal because American jobs will disappear.

Fast-tracking trade agreements, negotiated in complete secret from the American people (not from corporations) destroy our democratic sovereignty. That’s what Kilmer voted for on June 12.

Only transnational corporations loyal only to

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ELECTION: Schlicher’s voice needed in the House

Dr. Nathan Schlicher has deep roots in the 26th District and a commitment to volunteer service. He and his wife Jessica, also a doctor, have been frequent volunteers at the Key Peninsula Free Clinic. He is active in his church and Midday Rotary of Gig Harbor.

Schlicher’s health care experience was put to good use in Olympia when his proposal saved taxpayers $30 million. His commitment to mental health services is another area where his expertise will be invaluable.

The Schlichers have three children who will be in the public school system, and his parents were teachers. Quality education and

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ELECTION: Does McClendon even have a clue?

I had to laugh at the sign for Marty McClendon, running for Congress in the 6th District against Derek Kilmer.  The sign boldly states: “For Solutions not Politics.” It seems to me McClendon is running in the wrong party.

This has been the most dysfunctional Congress in our nation’s history. Why? Because of a party that thinks politics was so important that it voted 100 times to abolish Obamacare when they know it would not pass in the other chamber. Meanwhile nothing meaningful that our nation really needs got done.

McClendon may be sincere in his statement and might even be

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ELECTION: Voters need to be more engaged

In the November elections, roughly 41 percent of older Americans and 21 percent of 18- to 24-year-olds will vote. Americans are too comfortable leaving governance to “professionals.” It’s time to engage their congressional offices at home and in D.C. to better understand what their government does.

I joined the Navy in 2001 and suffered from civic apathy. Today, I’ve found that ignorance is not bliss. Federal politicians impact the lives of 2,266,883 people, including me – determining every aspect of our lives.

Sequestration is not just a word; it’s the reality of less training, reduced maintenance and older facilities. To

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MILITARY: Officers untrained to deal with sex crimes

I witnessed U.S. Rep. Derek Kilmer vote to move the prosecution of sexual assault crimes from the normal chain of command to trained investigators and watched in dismay as the amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act was voted down.

The primary reason cited for voting down this amendment was the need to maintain discipline within the normal chain of command. I wholeheartedly disagree.

I was a surface warfare officer aboard a Navy frigate from 2007 to 2009. As a junior officer in 2008, I managed the sailors responsible for launching helicopters, small boats and general operation of a ship

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EDUCATION: Local lawmakers back important bill

As a member of RESULTS here in Tacoma, we meet and discuss many issues. One of the most important and compelling for me is the lack of basic primary education in many countries. Fifty-seven million primary school-aged children are not in school worldwide. I feel sad to think what that means to their personal futures and the future of their countries.

The Education For All Act of 2013, introduced in U.S. Congress by Reps. Nita Lowey, D-N.Y., and Dave Reichert, R-Auburn, would add impetus to remedy this problem. We at RESULTS are very thankful for this and urge all to

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WILDERNESS: We can save the Wild Olympics

I urge support for the bill in Congress to protect the Wild Olympics. Congressman Derek Kilmer and Sen. Patty Murray have introduced the bill. This would protect more than 126,000 acres of wilderness and 19 rivers in the Olympic National Forest and Olympic National Park.

Pristine stands of trees and animals such as elk, deer, salmon, steelhead and trout will receive additional protection.

A detailed study shows little impact to timber jobs; 99 percent of the lands involved for wilderness are not presently being considered for the harvest of timber. New jobs are likely in the outdoor recreation and tourist

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