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MENTAL HEALTH: More treatment needed

By state Supreme Court order, Gov. Jay Inslee and the Department of Social and Health Services recently responded to untreated mentally ill patients. Medicaid beds can now be allotted to halt psychiatric boarding in hospital hallways.

It is mandatory that ill patients receive care. Hopefully, we no longer stigmatize such individuals. In times past they were labeled as crazy or lunatics. They spent long years or a lifetime in asylums.

Today there is understanding of our brain structure and brain diseases, such as bipolar disorder, Alzheimer’s and dementia. We have studied the brain and its chemistry. We’ve heard of serotonin, dopamine,

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SUICIDE: React to depression by caring

Re: “Bring mood disorders into the light” (Patrick O’Callahan column, 8-24).

Robin Williams’ death is relevant precisely for the reasons stated by Patrick O’Callahan. He reminds the reader that “mental” illness is indeed private, therefore cannot be seen, and also that Williams’ celebrity speaks loudly.

We need to remember that, like any other illness, it needs to be treated. Often this can begin with the lay person simply offering caring words or thoughts.

Symptoms of depression are made exponentially worse by demands that we progress through every moment in a state of “happy” and “good,” a thought often relayed

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DEPRESSION: An every-day challenge

I was so touched by Patrick O’Callahan’s article (TNT, 8-24) about Robin Williams’ depression and suicide. I too suffer from depression, and it is a challenge every day.

I don’t feel the need to kill myself but every day I fight the turmoil it causes. I am currently in therapy and hope that I can find peace.

Thank you for bringing this to the forefront.


SUICIDE: Be sensitive to demons of depression

For those who decry Robin Williams’ suicide as an act of selfishness or cowardice, I pity your friends and family for your being so insensitive. You obviously have never had any personal dealings with the demons of depression.

As one who has experienced depression personally and professionally, I can tell you that once you are in the seemingly bottomless pit of despair, there appears to be no way back to the surface. You can’t even see the opening of the hole above, no light at the end of the tunnel.

So how is one to get out of a situation

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ECONOMY: We’re in a depression, not a recession

Last week I came out of a store, and a man about 50 years old came up to me. He said that he didn’t want money, but he was in pain from the lack of food. There was a fast food place nearby, so we went there and I bought him some food.

This is what is going on in our nation and world.

My wife and I lived through the depression and know firsthand what pain from hunger is. We put cardboard in our shoes to keep the rocks out and our feet dry. When it rained you sat

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