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SCC: When will that next shoe drop?

Re: “Pierce shouldn’t be destination No. 1 for predators” (editorial, 1-29).

Pity the poor people of Pierce County. Seems like they are getting more than their fair share of violent sex predators being released from the Special Commitment Center still located on McNeil Island four years after the state prison on it shut down.

Why is that? Could it be because the powers that be in Pierce County insist that the SCC cannot be moved off McNeil Island? Nor reasonably relocated anywhere else in Pierce County? Or, for that matter, in all of Washington state? That’s curious.

For if the

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HEALTH CARE: Hold providers accountable

I’d like to share components of House Bill 1519 in an effort to encourage public support and awareness of this legislation.

The Health Care & Wellness Committee passed House Bill 1519 in April 2013. This bill establishes accountability measures for service coordination organizations. Regional support networks, agencies on aging, Medicaid managed-care organizations and county substance abuse programs will be held accountable for how service is being provided and delivered to clients.

Individuals seeking health care should not be passed off to the next care provider without having first exhausted all possible efforts.

Under HB 1519, the Health Care Authority and the Department

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ABUSE: State can do more to protect foster children

In a recent Viewpoint, Congressman Dave Reichert identified a very serious problem – the sexual exploitation of children in foster care – and then offered an inadequate solution, the equivalent of “let them eat cake.”

He suggests that we allow foster kids to sign up for basketball, travel and go on sleepovers without too much red tape. While that may be a nice idea, it does little to solve the problem of the sexual exploitation of children in foster care.

If Reichert and others are serious about protecting children, the Department of Social and Health Services must be held

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SEQUESTER: Adjust to less spending and move on

Re: “Sequestration could cost state tens of millions” (TNT, 3-8).

Define “cuts could mean,” “cuts could cause” and “estimate potential job loss.” The state Department of Health, Department of Social and Health Services and Educational Service District 113 painted doom for thousands of people and laid blame but didn’t look at themselves for creating and catering to the problem.

Sounds like “Waaa, Waaa, gimme, gimme” instead of trim the fat and tighten the belt.

Which is it: The “people” will suffer with less aid and services (entitlements) or is it the department/employees get less? Give me a break.


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