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Tag: Department of Natural Resources


FIRE: National forests at even greater risk

Re: “Take steps now to decrease future risk of forest fires” (editorial, 9-4).

The editorial highlights an important need to manage forests to provide better resiliency to forest fires, giving examples of efforts on state trust lands and private forest lands.

However the need for better management also urgently exists on national forest lands, which represent even greater fire risks due to their larger area and management history.

Congressionally authorized stewardship contracting involving local communities in developing and implementing actions should not be overlooked in our efforts to reduce forest fire risks statewide.


ELECTION: Didier bites the hand that feeds him

Clint Didier, a candidate for public lands commissioner, is a staunch conservative, last seen as a tea party-endorsed candidate for Senate in 2010. Based on his past statements, I don’t believe Didier even supports the concept of land in public ownership.

As a “smaller-government advocate,” Didier has campaigned against government subsidies. That’s an interesting position in light of the fact that the farm he owns was created and made possible by one of the largest public works (read socialist) projects in the history of the country, the Columbia Basin Project, which has subsidized the water supply of the entire region

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