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HECK: Congressman’s positions are unclear

If you live in the 10th Congressional District, you received the March newsletter from Denny Heck. Keep in mind that Heck was elected to represent us in Washington, D.C,. as a United States congressman.

While we can appreciate his efforts to protect Puget Sound, I’m concerned that the congressman may have become bored with his committee assignments. His newsletter actually has directions on how to scoop dog poop and  landscape your yard, as well as advice on using a commercial car wash vs. washing your car in the driveway.

We’ll take our dogs to a professional dog groomer to protect

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MARRIAGE: Morality is going down the drain

Though our governor and national legislators all seem thrilled by the Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage, I find myself saddened at the fact that our state and country have come a long way, as Rep. Denny Heck exclaimed.

The majority of Americans agree with me that it is the wrong way. Not a great majority, I’ll admit, and that too is a shame. Freedom is being celebrated and morality is going down the drain. Civil unions are one thing. Marriage before God is another.


ELECTION: Denny Heck doesn’t bash anyone

Re: “Why is Heck bashing tea partiers?” (letter, 10-27).

The writer’s assertion that Denny Heck bashes tea partiers or anyone else on TV or in person is fanciful.

I have had many opportunities to hear Heck speak in various places, from coffees to public forums. I cannot recall him bashing anyone. He advocates rational, empirically sound solutions to the difficult problems we face. Coming from him, that is not idle. He is a man with substantial experience in the Legislature and in the executive offices of government. He knows whereof he speaks.

In addition, after Heck left government service,

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ELECTION: Heck’s ads bash tea partiers

Denny Heck wants to be my representative from the 10th Congressional District. I hope he never gets the chance.

His advertisements appear daily on the television, and in every one he insults and denigrates tea party members and their politics. While I am not a member and have never attended a tea party event, I know a number of people who are tea party members. They are all hard-working, law-abiding, responsible citizens.

Watch his advertising, and you will see that he singles out this group and will never support nor even consider their views or concerns. So much for reaching

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ELECTION: Dick Muri’s best on JBLM issues

There are significant contrasts between Denny Heck and Dick Muri, the candidates for the new 10th Congressional District. Heck did not bother to participate personally in the first three public forums held in Graham, West Olympia and Steilacoom. Muri participated in all three to give maximum personal interface opportunities to voters.

Muri joined Heck in the fourth public forum held in downtown Olympia that was organized in part by the Olympian newspaper. The TNT gave extensive coverage on some of the the issues, but rightfully did not include many that were Washington state issues in current referendums.

But the TNT

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ELECTION: Kilmer hypocritical about wealth

Re: “Denny Heck collects more than Dick Muri” (TNT, 10-16).

Why not hold everyone to the same standards? In this article, Democrat Derek Kilmer’s quote against his Republican opponent in the 6th District, Bill Driscoll, stood out: “There are 253 millionaires in our Congress, and he would like your vote to make him No. 254.”

His argument can be used against his fellow Democrat running in the new 10th District, Denny Heck, as well. Heck is a millionaire, as is Bill Driscoll; however, Kilmer has endorsed Heck, despite the fact that if elected, he would add to the numbers

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ELECTION: Denny Heck will fight for vets

On Oct. 10, I attended a Veterans for Denny Heck event with my wife. We were both extremely impressed with the knowledge and genuine passion Heck showed in his support for vets. It was clear that he would do everything within his power to fight for veterans’ issues.

I and other veterans are rallying around Heck as someone we can rely on to work for us. He is the right man to represent veterans and the entire 10th Congressional District.


ELECTION: Heck strong on women’s rights

A forum for women’s health care was put on recently by Denny Heck’s campaign. Having witnessed loved ones’ battle with breast cancer, I am a strong supporter of Planned Parenthood. Being a male who supports women’s health care, it was nice to see both men and women at the event.

Heck was passionate about bringing everyone he could together to realize the danger that women’s health care is facing. He showed how he is really going to fight for women’s right to choose and how he is the right choice for the 10th Congressional District.