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GOP: Tea partiers should consider the Dems

I remember the irony I felt when I heard things tea partiers were saying in the previous general election when they claimed they wanted to take their country back. Among the quotes were things like, “Don’t steal my Medicare!” and “Hands off my Social Security.”

Well, folks, Republicans have now, through their proposed budgets, made it very clear they have no such intent. I guess that’s the problem with having to lead.

In the past, they had the Paul Ryan budget, but they could pretend it was fake because it would never get through the Senate. Now, it looks very

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GOP: How have Republicans shown they can govern?

Re: “Democrats: Governance hurts American prosperity” (letter, 3-22).

The writer challenges Democrats’ assertion that Republicans “had better show they can govern.”

Well, as a former politician famously put it, “Show me the beef.” After four years with complete power over the budget, where is the Republicans’ agenda - something with their identity, just anything they can point to with pride?

Sure, the GOP certainly has put obstacles in the way of President Obama’s optimistic programs, but negative success doesn’t count. Where is the legislation to show they can govern?

As to foreign policy, could this letter have been written with a straight face? For eight years, Bush

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TRADE: Will US lose yet more jobs?

Re: “Give Obama authority to deliver Pacific trade pact” (editorial, 3-25).

I see the editorial board is getting its editorials from the land of make believe again.

Every time one of these sell-out agreements come around we see the same “trade liberalization … tends to create wealth by expanding markets.”

NAFTA destroyed millions of American jobs and businesses. It put thousands of small Mexican farmers out of business, forcing millions of them across our border.

Obama and his corporate allies claimed the “free trade” agreement with South Korea just a couple of years ago would provide economic growth and

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US: Which party is really the dysfunctional one?

Re: “Democrats: Governance hurts American prosperity” (letter, 3-22).

If the writer were any farther off base he’d be tagged out.

There has not been a full-blown budget passed since 1997. Both parties work on continuing resolutions to fund the federal budget. Budgets are hard to pass when you have a party using thinly veiled Social Darwinism as its basis for prosperity. That means gutting as many social programs as you can. The Democrats simply won’t allow it.

The Affordable Care Act, or – as some disdainfully call it – “Obamacare,” that was rammed through has enrolled 10 million uninsured. This

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GOP: The party that gave us war and recession

Re: “Democrats: Governance hurts American prosperity” (letter, 3-22).

The letter writer states that a Republican president will create greater economic prosperity and restore our prominence in the world. He should think about his wish - then consult his history book.
On the watch of the last Republican president:

• Our North American soil was attacked by foreign terrorists on 9-11-01.

• The economy slithered into the worst recession since the Great Depression.

• More than 4,800 of our finest men and women met their deaths because of a still ongoing search for “weapons of mass destruction” in Iraq. As a result

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DEMOCRATS: Governance hurts American prosperity

Ever since the 2014 election, the Democrats and the liberal press have been saying that Republicans had better show the can govern. Really? So if Congress doesn’t pass President Obama’s left-wing agenda, “Republicans unable to govern” will be the headline?

How well have the president and the Democrats governed? Obamacare was rammed through Congress over the objections of the American people and was built on a pack of lies (Johnathan Gruber was the smoking gun). Our foreign policy is a mess, and we would almost be energy independent by now if Obama and radical environmentalists hadn’t had a war on

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GOP: Letter to Iran went too far

Re: “Republicans’ letter says any US-Iran pact needs Congress’ OK” (TNT, 3-10).

When the conservative, Republican-leaning New York Daily News headlines “TRAITORS,” referring to the 47 GOP U.S. Senators who signed the letter to Iran, you know the stunt went way, way, way too far!

Imagine, for a moment, if Democrats who opposed the invasion of Iraq – rightly, it turned out! – had sent a letter to Saddam Hussein saying that they opposed the action of their own government! Or, if Congress had sent a letter to Premier Khrushchev sabotaging the Kennedy Administration’s negotiations during the Cuban Missile Crisis!

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US: Third party needed to buck wealthy elite?

First, it was in Greece, where citizens organized to take back their government from the wealthy elite. On Jan. 25, 45-year-old Alexis Tsipras won election as prime minister of Greece. He ran on the leftist third party Syriza platform, “Serve the people, not private interests.”

On Jan. 31, thousands of Spaniards filled the streets of Madrid saying “No to austerity and yes to change,” led by a new leftist party, Podemos (Spanish for “We Can”). Podemos leader Pablo Iglesias is a 36-year-old political scientist.

The leaders of both these revolutions are young persons, and both represent a third party. Will

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