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US: Third party needed to buck wealthy elite?

First, it was in Greece, where citizens organized to take back their government from the wealthy elite. On Jan. 25, 45-year-old Alexis Tsipras won election as prime minister of Greece. He ran on the leftist third party Syriza platform, “Serve the people, not private interests.”

On Jan. 31, thousands of Spaniards filled the streets of Madrid saying “No to austerity and yes to change,” led by a new leftist party, Podemos (Spanish for “We Can”). Podemos leader Pablo Iglesias is a 36-year-old political scientist.

The leaders of both these revolutions are young persons, and both represent a third party. Will

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EDUCATION: Don’t reject Common Core standards

Re: “Democrats reject Common Core standards” (TNT, 1-28).

I am deeply troubled by the decision the Democrats’ state party leaders took on Common Core standards.

The standards were the product of the National Governors Association and the Council of Chief State School Officers, not the federal government. The mobility of our society places students, especially elementary children, in jeopardy of missing key learning elements as they move from state to state. Having national learning goals in English and math helps ensure that children do not miss out on the opportunity to learn and master the basics.

Common Core identifies the

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US: Democrats drive middle class to poverty

Perhaps the American middle class has been resurrected by the recent election. President Obama and the Democrats still continue to suppress the middle class who built America.

In six years President Obama and the Democrats have driven the near-utopian American middle class (compared to any other country) towards poverty. The Democrats took the middle class’ medical insurance away by dictating procedures, doctors, insurances, bureaucracy, and raised costs followed by a host of new taxes. Taxes, fees, regulations came fast and furious in all areas.

Ethnic, gender and religious groups are further divided by the Democrats. The Muslim terrorists are overwhelming the

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ELECTION: Democrats in total denial

It was predictable. President Obama and the Democrats are in total denial over the Republican victory in the midterm election.

President Obama stated he didn’t sell his economic accomplishments well enough. While campaigning, he listed a host of statistics. Don Shula, former coach of the Miami Dolphins, said years ago that ”statistics are for losers.” The American people couldn’t care less about statistics but they do care about take-home pay. Average wages for middle-class Americans have stagnated or gone down under Obama.

Democrats are telling us this was an election about nothing and that only around 36 percent of voters actually voted.

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ELECTION: If Romney were president

They say this election is a rejection of Obama’s policies. But if Mitt Romney were president, his policies would be virtually identical to Obama’s, the economy would be where it is today, and Republicans would crow about his achievements, lauding him for:

* Saving the economy from collapse;
* Restoring the U.S. automotive industry;
* Achieving a 60-year low in the deficit spending rate;
* Bringing unemployment under 6%;
* Stimulating record corporate profits;
* Raising the Dow-Jones by 10,000 points;
* Decreasing U.S. dependency on foreign oil;
* Making us a world

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ELECTION: Democrats shouldn’t be apathetic

I think we should all be grateful that we have a president who wants all Americans to have a living wage, affordable health care and a clean environment. His commitment to not put American ground troops at risk in the current Mideast conflict after the tremendous price our service men and women and their families have already paid in Iraq further reflects the value he puts on their lives and service to our country.

Diplomacy rather than war with Syria did work to reduce its stockpiles and use of chemical weapons. Diplomacy and economic sanctions have at least kept Iran engaged

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ELECTION: Hold Democrats accountable in November

Most midterm elections are usually a referendum on the performance of the president. President Obama’s approval ratings are in the low 40s. Democrats see that and realize the president is toxic. Many Democratic candidates refuse to be seen with him. Why?

President Obama has been a weak commander-in-chief. In 2011, he pulled out of Iraq prematurely against the advice of the military, which led to turmoil. With a recommended residual force of 24,000 troops, Iraq might still be stable like President Bush left it.

Instead, Obama had to go back into Iraq and forge a coalition to fight the Islamic

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EDUCATION: WEA controls Democrats’ voting

Re: “Schools didn’t fail; union-beholden lawmakers did” (editorial, 7-23).

The editorial reported on the Washington Education Association (WEA) control of our Democratic state legislators. The WEA demanded that Democratic legislators vote against the federal requirements that teachers be partly evaluated on statewide test data.

Our state schools lost control of $40 million of Title 1 funding as a result of the Democrats’ negative vote. The lost money will hurt our states schools.

Significantly, the Democrats’ vote against school funding illustrates the control that the teachers’ union has over Democrats in the Legislature. My issue is not whether they should

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