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EDUCATION: WEA controls Democrats’ voting

Re: “Schools didn’t fail; union-beholden lawmakers did” (editorial, 7-23).

The editorial reported on the Washington Education Association (WEA) control of our Democratic state legislators. The WEA demanded that Democratic legislators vote against the federal requirements that teachers be partly evaluated on statewide test data.

Our state schools lost control of $40 million of Title 1 funding as a result of the Democrats’ negative vote. The lost money will hurt our states schools.

Significantly, the Democrats’ vote against school funding illustrates the control that the teachers’ union has over Democrats in the Legislature. My issue is not whether they should

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POLITICS: Hollow rhetoric achieves nothing

A letter (TNT, 7-15) comparing leftist and conservative ideology on several topics was extremely illustrative, in that the letter writer lives in a box where he doesn’t once stop to consider opposing views; he lists a few things, points out the Democrats’ position on that thing, and claims victory of thought without ever explaining why that position is the correct one.

A minimum wage increase sounds nice, but when the dust settles, the guy making 15 bucks is still the lowest-paid worker, and all that really happens is the poor sap trying to climb up the ladder who was

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ECONOMY: Democrats hurting the middle class

The Democrats took control of our country about six years ago to create change. At the time, the U.S. middle class was the wealthiest and most prosperous in the world and had developed a good life for the majority of American citizens that had not been experienced in the world’s history.

The Democrats’ “change” has brought a sense of doom to many in the middle class. I took a trip to southern Europe recently that suggested the future of the American middle class.

A past middle-class Spanish citizen hosted a trip in Spain. Christian is a tour guide who has

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OBAMA: What happened to ‘hope and change’?

America is into the fifth year of the Obama presidency. He came in with “Hope and Change” in 2008. Liberals drooled at the prospect of his idea of “fundamentally transforming” our society. The mainstream media fell all over themselves broadcasting every word he said. It was bold headlines every day and the lead story on the nightly news. One would think he was the messiah and arrived to save us from ourselves.

Now it is 2014, and his agenda is crumbling around us. The promise of millions of jobs failed after the $676 billion stimulus package, wasted taxpayer millions in

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OBAMACARE: What’s with all the delays?

To avoid another wave of health-care policy cancellations, which would devastate the Democrats prior to the 2014 midterm elections, President Obama is proposing yet another delay of the coverage mandate.

Delay after delay. The Affordable Care Act has now become a political football. Obama is the team owner and is forced to punt and play defense. The Democrats are hard-pressed to defend a bill they applauded.

I have one question for Barack Obama, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and all the other liberal Democrats who approved this legislation. If the Affordable Care Act is so beneficial to America, why delay its

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US: Democrats taking country down wrong path

The Democrat-controlled government is endangering our American heritage. George Orwell in his book, “1984,” defines the path of liberal elites who subverted the American people through intimidation. The Democrats’ plan to raise the minimum wage defines their vision for change.

It has been documented this policy will kill jobs. The Democrats reply: The loss of jobs will reduce unemployment as the people will be on welfare.

Obamacare defines the start of subverting the American people. Our president lies by stating Americans can keep their insurance in lieu of embracing Obamacare. Millions of people have lost their insurance. The subversion continues,

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GOP: Republicans aren’t heeding constituents

I just heard Republican Senate leader Mitch McConnell declare that the Senate is broken and if Republicans win this year, he will fix it. Unbelievable!

This is the Senate Republican leader who has sponsored almost as many filibusters in four-plus years as have been done in the previous history of the country. I’d offer that as evidence of Senate wreckage. Beyond that, he stated that the Democrats are offering poll-tested ideas, as if this is weak leadership.

If Senate leaders are offering what the people would like to see, they are doing the will of the people. Republicans seem to

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BENEFITS: Compromise is always possible

Real compromise involves both sides giving something up. It is possible between conservatives and liberals in the House.

In exchange for extending unemployment benefits, which liberals want, conservatives – who believe that those benefits only exacerbate unemployment – would consider trade-offs for other policies to bolster employment.

For example, conservatives favor cuts to the Environmental Protection Agency, whose policies they believe have hurt economic recovery. We could start by cuts to the billions that go to other counties to deal with global warming – $7.45 billion over three years, according to Secretary of State John Kerry.

We could cut funds

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