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POLITICS: Democrats the real “party of the rich”

I got a nice chuckle last Sunday (5-13) while reading the Charles Barkley interview in Parade Magazine. The interviewer stated “I read somewhere that you’re a Republican; true?” Barkley answered “No, I said I was rich like a Republican.” I like Charles Barkley. He is a funny guy. Unfortunately, like many Americans, Barkley is uninformed.

The wealth in this country is held overwhelmingly by liberals and the “party of the rich” is the Democratic Party. This idea that the Republicans are the “rich guys” is just propaganda promoted by the Democrats for years and reignited by President Obama’s class warfare.

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POLITICS: Why this black woman isn’t a Democrat

In America, black citizens vote in vast majorities traditionally for the Democratic Party rather than the Republican Party. I think it is because the Democrats always offer them money and ” fairness,” even though every time Democrats are in the ruling majority, the poverty and dependency of black and white citizens alike only seem to increase.

The Republican Party encourages work, freedom and opportunity for growth by personal means, while it was the Democrats who offer dependency and reliance on government.

Democrats stand for things that tend to go against basic Christian morals. They are for gay marriage and, for

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PITTS: Minorities do understand what GOP’s about

A recent letter to the editor (TNT, 1-21) led readers to believe how ungrateful black Americans have become to withdraw their support for the Republican Party, the party of the Great Emancipator. It must be a mystery, in his view, to see so few nonwhite faces in the recent debate audiences cheering on their potential presidential nominees.

Yes, Democratic Party leaders in the South from Reconstruction to the advent of the civil rights movement initiated poll taxes and supported racial segregation with even the tacit support of non-Southern members of the Democratic Party. Of course, any cursory understanding of history since

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GOP: Political parties have changed over time

A recent letter writer (TNT, 1-21) made claims about Republicans and Democrats that need to be put into historical context.

The Republican Party in 1854 that proposed abolishing slavery is not the Republican Party we know now. And the Democrats who historically initiated poll taxes and reading tests to suppress black votes are not the Democrats of today.

In fact, the Republicans of today are far to the right of those in the pre-Civil War era. A major factor in this shift is that following the passage of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, Democrats in the South, in large

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ELECTION: Fire up the progressive movement

I am somewhat fearful of the voters who will not show up to vote or refuse to mail in their ballots come November. I am also fearful of the Democratic voters who have given up too soon and desire to teach a lesson to the Democrats (for not performing magic) by voting Republican. I hope neither is the case.

Giving power to the conservatives is a dangerous choice. They have admitted they will launch investigation after investigation toward the Obama administration like they did during the Clinton administration in the 1994 elections. If anybody deserved to be investigated it should

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