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POLITICS:Compare and contrast political parties

As the elections are approaching, I just want to give my score card for the political parties.

• Democrats favor a minimum wage increase. Republicans either oppose the increase or oppose a minimum wage entirely.

• Democrats want to extend unemployment benefits past 100 weeks. Republicans have blocked a vote on this since the beginning of the year.

• Democrats, in general, believe something has to be done about climate change. Republican are in full-throated denial that this exists, using as evidence last year’s cold winter.

• Democrats believe the government can help with health care/insurance issues and almost singlehandedly enacted Obamacare. Some Republican

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POVERTY: Another war not worth fighting

On Monday, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder said that “widespread incarceration at the federal, state and local levels is both ineffective and unsustainable.” For this reason he has decided to surrender our nation’s 40-year “War on Drugs.”

Holder may be right. This war hasn’t worked. It hasn’t decreased drug use. It has simply filled up prisons and cost our nation money.

However, while he and the Democratic Party or at it, perhaps they should also surrender another failing, decades-long war: the “War on Poverty.”

The war was conceived by President Lyndon Johnson in 1964 with the goal of ending poverty

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ELECTION: Go beyond political party affiliation

In this great nation of ours there are many, perhaps the majority of the people, who state their views through political party affiliation though they may disagree with large sections of that party’s platform. These people do not wish to be labeled, but have no choice as the only “mainstream” choices are Democrat or Republican or minor parties generally founded as the product of some specific grievances.

Where do people go who are fiscal conservatives and social moderates or fiscal moderates and social conservatives or some range in between? They are castigated by both mainstream political parties (MPP) as people

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ELECTION: Democrats show their disdain for God

Events at the Democratic National Convention show that party leaders and their followers have only disdain for God and for Israel.

First they ran a video at the beginning of the convention proclaiming that “Government is the only thing we all belong to,” when it’s really quite the opposite.

The Democrats’ platform committee removed a long-standing reference to “God-given potential” and to support for the Jewish capital in Jerusalem. After public outcry, party leaders scrambled to get a vote from the floor to amend the platform and restore this language.

After three voice votes and no clear “winner,” the convention

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ELECTION: More specifics from both sides, please

Great cartoon in Saturday’s paper by Chris Britt about Clint Eastwood’s strange performance at the Republican National Convention. Of course, I’m sure the Democrats will also trot out their share of celebrities (though probably younger and more coherent) to tell us why they think we should re-elect President Obama.

I’m writing this not to try and sway anybody one way or the other, but to share a personal wish – simply that both parties give us more pertinent information on which to base our choices. To date, there’s been precious little in the way of specifics, just more typical name-calling,

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ELECTION: Pelz shows what’s wrong with politics in this state

Re: “Sonntag leads Democrats supporting McKenna” (TNT, 6-12).

State Democratic Party chairman Dwight Pelz said he has “been through Democrats for Dino and Democrats for Hutchinson.” No doubt after a careful evaluation of each issue he seems to have concluded the Democratic Party is simply correct on all matters.

Wow, that was easy. Unfortunately such idealistic faith in any political party demonstrates a profound lack of curiosity, intellectual laziness or perhaps some mixture of the two. I’m not certain what combination is on display here, but quite unintentionally Pelz provides a stunning illustration of what’s wrong with Washington politics.

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POLITICS: Democrats the real “party of the rich”

I got a nice chuckle last Sunday (5-13) while reading the Charles Barkley interview in Parade Magazine. The interviewer stated “I read somewhere that you’re a Republican; true?” Barkley answered “No, I said I was rich like a Republican.” I like Charles Barkley. He is a funny guy. Unfortunately, like many Americans, Barkley is uninformed.

The wealth in this country is held overwhelmingly by liberals and the “party of the rich” is the Democratic Party. This idea that the Republicans are the “rich guys” is just propaganda promoted by the Democrats for years and reignited by President Obama’s class warfare.

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POLITICS: Why this black woman isn’t a Democrat

In America, black citizens vote in vast majorities traditionally for the Democratic Party rather than the Republican Party. I think it is because the Democrats always offer them money and ” fairness,” even though every time Democrats are in the ruling majority, the poverty and dependency of black and white citizens alike only seem to increase.

The Republican Party encourages work, freedom and opportunity for growth by personal means, while it was the Democrats who offer dependency and reliance on government.

Democrats stand for things that tend to go against basic Christian morals. They are for gay marriage and, for

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