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ELECTION: Is this what TNT is endorsing?

Re: “With sobered expectations, Obama for president” (editorial, 10-24).

Is this what The News Tribune endorses for America?

• An unemployment rate of nearly 8 percent today, when we were promised the rate would fall to 5 percent with the $800 billion-plus stimulus?

• A doubling of gas prices?

• $6 trillion added to the national debt?

• An increase of food stamp usage from 32 million to 46 million users?

• A nearly $4,000 decrease in median income for the middle class?

• A 2,700-page health care law with over 1,300 waivers given to Democratic allies and patrons?

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DEFICIT: We need leadership in D.C.

Let’s all face the facts. America is going broke. Democrats blame George W. Bush. Republicans blame Barack Obama. That doesn’t really matter. We have had four years of just blame and an increase in the deficit to over $16 trillion from about $10 trillion.

Depending on which side from Washington you listen to, if D.C. does nothing (sounds like Congress to me), it will grow another $10 trillion in the next 10 years.

The good news is we have the ability to solve this problem. If we were to tap into all of our current energy resources, we could solve

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HEAD START: Sequestration cuts will affect everyone

I have had two children attend Head Start. Head Start is a high quality early education program that not only focuses on children’s school readiness but helps the whole family get back on their feet so they can become contributing members of their community.

This program helped me return to school to complete my bachelor’s degree and has given my children a safe, nurturing environment where they learned life skills to be prepared for kindergarten and beyond.

In January 2013, if Congress doesn’t agree to a deficit-reduction plan, $1.2 trillion in cuts will be achieved through sequestration – automatic, across-the-board

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DEBT: Democrats must get serious about deficit

The federal deficit is surpassing $16 trillion. That’s $140,000 per U.S. taxpayer. The problem of unfunded liabilities is much worse – more than $120 trillion in current Medicare, Social Security and prescription drug liability, according to the U.S. debt clock.

Unfortunately there seems to be no willingness on the part of the Democratic Party or our president to address the issue seriously. Many Democrats still refuse to admit that our debt is a major problem.

While both parties deserve plenty of blame, it is President Obama who is seeking re-election. Voters should hold him accountable for the policies he supported

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ELECTION: Obama-Biden avoiding the real issues

Ask any American citizen what the major issues of our time are and majority answers will be the economy, jobs and the $16 trillion national debt. All major polls indicate this fact. The Congressional Budget Office issued several warnings about the collapse of our economy and this “fiscal cliff” looming on the horizon.

However, the two presidential candidates are offering different messages.

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are circling the country and discussing these issues directly to growing crowds of supporters. There is no doubt what is at stake here. Plain and simple, it’s our economic future. They have outlined

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POLITICS: Pragmatism in short supply today

Everyone has biases. Unfortunately, allowing one’s bias to dictate the sole source of data one takes in will result in flawed results.

For example, those who credit President Ronald Reagan with lowering taxes and thereby turning around a bad economy during the 1980s fail to take into account the fact that he also signed off on at least eight tax increases during his time in office.

In 1981, he signed one of the largest tax breaks ever. In 1982, the deficit was growing out of control. Reagan was pragmatic enough to realize tax breaks were not going to turn things

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GOVERNMENT: System has fundamentally failed

We are not a democracy. We are, instead, a representative democracy. We voters elect representatives. They in turn vote on policies that will be most beneficial to the country.

Too many politicians have forgotten that. They consider only the views of the voters who elected them. Have they forgotten that, once elected, they represent the voters who voted for the other guy, too? Have they forgotten that, once elected, they represent all of us?

Our system has failed so fundamentally that our elected representatives ceded their responsibilities to a group of 12 congressmen and women. In doing so, they ceded

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ECONOMY: Nation needs common sense policies

Much blame has been put on one particular political party or movement on the recent debt ceiling debate breakdown which became the basis for Standard & Poor’s downgrade of U.S. debt. This conclusion seems overly simplistic.

Irrespective of the judgment of an agency that so badly botched the credit quality ratings of mortgage securities during the housing boom from 2004-2007, I believe it is time for American citizens to logically question whether either political party in this country has the expertise to truly enact common sense policies that can drive sustained economic growth. This in turn will expand the tax

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