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OBAMA: Why does he refuse to negotiate with Congress?

President Barack Hussein Obama is eager to negotiate chemical weapons policy with thugs like Russia’s top dog Vladimir Putin and Syria’s biggest butcher Bashar Assad. Obama is even ready to negotiate nuclear weapons development with Iranian mullahs.

So why is Obama reluctant to negotiate important fiscal issues with Congress like federal debt limits, entitlement reform, discretionary spending cuts, health care policies, defense spending and tax reform?

House Republicans represent the majority of congressional districts in the United States, yet Obama continues to ignore them while trusting the foreign enemy that seeks to destroy our freedom.


MILITARY: Another good thing about the sequester

Due to lies, deceit and an unbending stance on ideology (not to mention the goal of opposing anything President Obama tries to accomplish), the GOP and the Teapublicans have possibly managed to enact defense spending cuts – something the evil, freedom-hating lefties have supported for decades.

Thank you, Teabillies, for making it impossible for moderate and attached-to-reality Republican leaders to even think about responsible governing.


DEBATE: Romney’s promises shouldn’t be kept

I just watched the debate in parts, slowly, over two days. I focused on hearing straight from Mitt Romney what he had to say. I wasn’t focused on what Barack Obama said or didn’t say; he and his ideas are already familiar to me. I listened closely to hear what Romney will do if elected.

Here is what I heard:

Romney said that cutting taxes will create jobs and fix the deficit. Huh? And then said he never said he was going to cut taxes before he proceeded to promise to cut taxes.

Romney promised not to raise my taxes,

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