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MARRIAGE: Justice prevails with DOMA decision

I celebrate the affirmative decisions by the U.S. Supreme Court to strike down the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) and uphold the lower court’s decision about California’s Proposition 8. As a United Methodist Christian, I believe that every person has sacred worth and is due all of the services provided and rights protected by our churches and governments.

DOMA has been a source of grave injustice and has done untold harm by preventing millions from enjoying the full quality of life afforded the majority. DOMA’s negation by the court ends an era of unconscionable discrimination, opens the door to marriage

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MARRIAGE: Court must find DOMA to be unconstitutional

The U.S. Supreme Court must rule the federal Defense of Marriage Act unconstitutional as a matter of states rights.

The federal government has always allowed states to set their own definitions of marriage as long as they are not deemed to be discriminatory. Those states that have granted same-sex marriage have by historical precedence the right to set their own rules regarding marriage. States that want to ban same-sex marriage have the right to do so. But by federal law, all states must recognize marriages from other states.

This must be upheld at the federal level. All federal law must

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MARRIAGE: State high court has already ruled on gay marriage

Your editorial (TNT, 2-13) regarding same-sex marriage states that if a referendum overturns the new law permitting same-sex marriage, a “test case” would go to the Washington Supreme Court, and “observers” believe it would rule in favor of same-sex marriage.

Your editorial, however, doesn’t mention that this “test case” was already decided by the state supreme court in July 2006. In Andersen v. King County, the court ruled just the opposite. The Defense of Marriage Act was challenged in a lawsuit brought by a dozen couples in King and Thurston counties.

The supreme court ruled that there is no

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