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MILITARY: Nation needs to put its veterans first

Re: “VA asked to keep eye on vets’ credit” (TNT, 6-15).

Your article about a new monitoring program to guard veterans credit neglected to situate this small step in the long journey to actually keep our promises to take care of veterans.

The truth is, we’re far behind. The Veterans Affairs Department backlog stretches to more than 800,000 claims. And although the VA itself is exempt from sequestration, these sweeping budget cuts have cut homeless shelters for veterans, furloughed medical staff at military health clinics and cut job training.

We know the reasons for these cuts: to reduce the

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SEQUESTER: Self-interest vs. national interest

Re: “15,000 teachers at military schools will get furloughs” (TNT, 3-5).

The Defense Department’s planned furlough of schoolteachers in the face of sequester is disturbingly insensitive and in need of public review, particularly in light of national interests. With thousands of nuclear warheads, redundant weapons systems, a history of cost overruns and contractor fraud, the department chooses to compromise the future of children under its care.

In the same vein of national interests the Department of Transportation, when required to take a 2 percent reduction in its budget, singles out travelers at airports. National interests have become synonymous with

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