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MILITARY: Defense cuts will hurt state economy

Re: “Specter of big defense cuts prompts big worries” (TNT, 9-25).

Federal Transfer Funds (FTF) – monies entering the state to pay for federal commitments – represent a good portion of the economy of Washington state due to its several military installations and large military retiree population.

In the 2010 fiscal year, $3.737 billion was paid to fulfill commitments to 70,983 military retirees, their dependents and 8,373 retiree widows in this state. More than $1 billion of this is retiree retention pay. With most of this spent in the state boosting businesses, creating new jobs and reducing unemployment, it

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MILITARY: Politicians betray veterans

The budget axes are out, and the pay and benefits earned by military personnel and military retirees are the first targets. Cut pay and allowances, raise health care fees, change the retirement system and save millions. Military personnel are an easy target, at the mercy of a Congress that hides behind the myth of the phrase “this grateful nation.”

It is politically expedient for them to continue to waste trillions of dollars funding the Energy Department that for the past 40 years has overseen a crisis in energy develop into a disaster; a Department of Education that has overseen the

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