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CONGRESS: Our kids will pay for entitlement explosion

Hurrah, hurrah, the government is now open again. We now no longer have to worry about being ticketed by furloughed park rangers. The debt limit has been raised, and the spending machine continues. How wonderful!

How dare our Congress get in the way of this. Our debt is now $17 trillion. This debt will be forced on our children and grandchildren to cover. Doesn’t our Congress know that they are not allowed to vote on their own budget? They are supposed to approve of what the king says. Why did we have a revolution anyway?

We are continuing to witness

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OBAMA: Why does he refuse to negotiate with Congress?

President Barack Hussein Obama is eager to negotiate chemical weapons policy with thugs like Russia’s top dog Vladimir Putin and Syria’s biggest butcher Bashar Assad. Obama is even ready to negotiate nuclear weapons development with Iranian mullahs.

So why is Obama reluctant to negotiate important fiscal issues with Congress like federal debt limits, entitlement reform, discretionary spending cuts, health care policies, defense spending and tax reform?

House Republicans represent the majority of congressional districts in the United States, yet Obama continues to ignore them while trusting the foreign enemy that seeks to destroy our freedom.


TERRORISM: Stop intervening in the Islamic world

When it comes to the so-called war on terror, we’ve all been told by our government that these terrorists “hate our freedom,” and we must fight them tooth and nail to save our way of life. The way we do that is to launch military campaigns against places like Afghanistan and Iraq.

What have we gotten out of the wars there? We’ve spent a ton of money and have a debt approaching $17 trillion to show for it. We have thousands of dead and wounded young Americans to show for it, and, through our interventions, we’ve generated enough hatred in

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DEFICIT: Krugman oblivious to debt’s dangers

Paul Krugman’s column (TNT, 3-14) about government spending and deficits is ripe with questionable assertions.

Krugman tosses numbers around and goes into great detail about yearly deficits, yet he hardly even mentions the danger posed by the national debt. Without naming names, he coyly attempts to denigrate conservative fiscal hawks by calling them “fearmongers” who want to dismantle Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security.

To bolster his arguments, he references Kenysian economic theory, yet he fails to acknowledge that without capitalism he would be as poor as those individuals who actually do need government assistance.

I can’t help but wonder

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DEBT: Jefferson had thoughts on that, too

Re: “2nd Amendment could stand updating (letter, 2-21).

The letter writer took a quote from a letter to Samuel Kercheval from Thomas Jefferson, presumably to support the notion that the Second Amendment needs to be changed. The following from the letter speaks volumes to the current state of the union, and it isn’t about the 2nd Amendment.

Jefferson wrote that “we must not let our rulers load us with perpetual debt. We must make our election between economy and liberty, or profusion and servitude. If we run into such debts, as that we must be taxed in our meat

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DEBT: Generational fairness a thing of the past?

There is no clause in the U.S. Constitution requiring generational fairness, yet most Americans from the birth of our nation through the end of the 20th century have agreed that debt incurred ought not to be passed on to others for payment.

In the 1990s, Ross Perot and New York’s “national debt clock” cautioned Americans that we were reaching dangerous and/or immoral levels of debt. The federal government responded by making an exemplary bipartisan effort (Democratic president and Republican Congress) that resulted in four consecutive budget surplus years (fiscal 1998 through 2001). As a result, debt declined by $500 billion

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DEBT: Democrats must get serious about deficit

The federal deficit is surpassing $16 trillion. That’s $140,000 per U.S. taxpayer. The problem of unfunded liabilities is much worse – more than $120 trillion in current Medicare, Social Security and prescription drug liability, according to the U.S. debt clock.

Unfortunately there seems to be no willingness on the part of the Democratic Party or our president to address the issue seriously. Many Democrats still refuse to admit that our debt is a major problem.

While both parties deserve plenty of blame, it is President Obama who is seeking re-election. Voters should hold him accountable for the policies he supported

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DEBT: Republicans set stage for confrontation

With the debt ceiling deadline looming, Republicans (both brands) in Congress are setting the stage to put another mark against our nation’s creditworthiness with their political gamesmanship.

Luckily for the GOP, it has a base of voters spoiling for this fight, due to their ignorance on the issue. This has nothing to do with anything but bellying up to the bar and paying our tab for debts already created. All of this political posturing does nothing but smear the good name of the United States, as we already witnessed, and secures points with voters that the Republicans would have already

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