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DEBT: Federal workers’ jobs vitally important

For the congressional “super committee” finding ways to reduce our national debt, there is a deadline approaching that impacts all Washingtonians.

An important element of the committee’s decision involves the federal workforce. On behalf of the 123,000 active and retired federal workers in Washington, I hope the committee supports us so we can continue to fully do our part to protect and move our nation forward.

Every day, the federal workforce creates opportunities for American entrepreneurship, provides dependable services for America’s seniors, brings criminals to justice, delivers vital mail to every household nationwide, develops missile systems to keep us safe

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DEBT: Republicans wage class warfare

It’s about time. President Obama has forcefully stated that to tackle the debt, we must raise taxes on the wealthiest Americans and that he won’t balance the budget on the backs of senior citizens and the poor.

The Republicans, on cue, immediately cried, “class warfare.” Unfortunately they are right. However, it is the Republicans who practice class warfare against the middle class, Medicare recipients, teachers and firefighters.

It is the Republicans who slash funding to ensure the safety of the food we eat and the medicines we take.

And it is the Republicans who prevent a jobs plan that will

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