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SHUTDOWN: Congress should fund the ACA

Our members of Congress are sent to Washington to keep us safe, write laws and decide the best way to spend tax dollars. They have a fiduciary responsibility to do no harm. And yet, to stop the Affordable Care Act (ACA), they feel justified in doing harm to individuals, our government and our economy.

A budget should fund the government and its laws. The ACA is a law and should be funded. Changing that law can be done over time through the legislative process, but that is a separate issue from getting the country a budget.

Because the debt ceiling

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OBAMA: Power grab gives license to overspend

The vast majority of Americans (more than 70 percent in most polls) perceive overspending as the root cause of our financial troubles. Yet President Obama is pushing for executive control of raising the debt ceiling when he pleases without the approval of Congress unless both the Senate and House vote over two-thirds each against it.

It boggles the mind that he was even a serious contender for president, let alone re-elected.

Sen. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y., during an interview on Fox News, defended the president’s grab for additional power by indicating it was appropriate because the need for increasing the debt

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DEBT: Republicans set stage for confrontation

With the debt ceiling deadline looming, Republicans (both brands) in Congress are setting the stage to put another mark against our nation’s creditworthiness with their political gamesmanship.

Luckily for the GOP, it has a base of voters spoiling for this fight, due to their ignorance on the issue. This has nothing to do with anything but bellying up to the bar and paying our tab for debts already created. All of this political posturing does nothing but smear the good name of the United States, as we already witnessed, and secures points with voters that the Republicans would have already

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DEBT: Rainy day fund floor vs. debt ceiling

Re: “Try this test to check your financial health” (Market Watch column, 9-1)

What a unique concept to have a “rainy day” fund to deal with the unexpected setbacks that occur in life. A rainy day fund seems to me to be a lot sounder financial policy than to have a “debt ceiling” that really isn’t a ceiling but a series of temporary stops on the way to bankruptcy.

I can only imagine where this country would be if we had a “rainy day fund floor” that kicked in when the fund dropped to that predetermined level.

Wouldn’t it

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DEBT: Don’t let the richest skate

This debt ceiling game of Russian roulette is making me crazy.

In the last 50 years, the debt ceiling has been raised 70 times. So what’s the problem this year? The Democrats and the Republicans both believe that the U.S. debt has to be curbed big time. Congress has got to do its job, and like the legislators in Olympia, they have to make the hard choices.

What is important is that we can not lose our AAA rating and have the economy of the U.S. turned upside down

I do not want the issue to come up again in

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DEBT: Default shouldn’t even be considered

The United States has never defaulted on its debt. As a result, statements such as this are familiar to investors around the world: “Bonds issued by the U.S. Treasury are backed by the full faith and credit of the U.S. government and therefore considered to have no credit risk.”

The consequences of a government default are harsh. Suddenly the safest investment is precarious. Where would you put your money? Where would pension fund managers put money?

Mortgage rates generally rise and fall along with yields on Treasury securities. What will happen with higher mortgage rates? Interest rates, including the interest

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DEBT: Let’s come together as one nation

I have listened to the politicians and read letters from people on the subject of the debt ceiling and the budget. I think instead of all this angst and bickering that we need to come together as a nation and solve this problem. It affects everyone, both rich and poor, Democrat or Republican.

We are so divided as a nation that we cannot get anything done. We are one nation, one people, and we should leave all the animosity and anger and start working together as one to fix the problems our country is having. Stop worrying about partisan politics

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DEBT: Is that ‘ceiling’ just a suggestion?

Re: “Debt cap debate heats up” (TNT, 1-3).

The story reports, “Barack Obama‚Äôs top economic adviser warned against ‘playing chicken’ on the issue.”

I’d say Obama and his administration are the ones playing chicken. But rather than fix a stuck accelerator, they want to raise the speed limit. There is no point in having a “debt ceiling” if it’s just laughed at as you zoom by.