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ELECTION: Debbie Winskill cares about students

I have two children who have attended Tacoma public schools and have been pleased with the education they have received. That being said, I know the district has issues. I also know that both candidates for the Tacoma School Board, Position 1, have ideas about how to address those issues.

I can’t speak to the strengths/weaknesses of either candidate’s plans. What I can speak to, though, is the experience my family had with Debbie Winskill.

A little over a year ago, we had an issue regarding School of the Arts admissions. I wrote and called the superintendent and all of

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TACOMA: School board needs Gordon’s vision

I’m amazed that The News Tribune editorial board would support a candidate who has been on Tacoma’s school board for 24 years while the achievement gap has widened and the dropout rate has increased (editorial, 10-8).

Throughout her 24-year tenure, what evidence is there that Debbie Winskill – a “strong-minded, student-focused advocate of school accountability,” as described in the editorial – has been effective? Where has her leadership been in support of all Tacoma’s students? What evidence is there of her being a visionary for the 21st century? Did the editors ask these questions of themselves?

When one attends

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ELECTION: Gordon better choice for Tacoma schools

Voters who like clear choices will appreciate this year’s Tacoma School Board election. There are obvious differences between the candidates: one white, the other black; a woman vs. a man; an incumbent with 24 years of service and a challenger who’s never held elected office. But the most important difference is how the candidates define the job.

The incumbent – Debbie Winskill – thinks of herself as the person to call if your student must get into French III at eight o’clock or the playground swing is broken. When asked at a recent forum how she would improve our schools,

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EDUCATION: Provide leadership on charter schools

Yikes. Just when we thought it was safe to discuss charter schools, a letter writer (TNT, 3-29) calls them “a scam,” former Tacoma School Board member Kim Golding urges Tacoma not to “dirty its hands” and current board member Debbie Winskill isn’t interested because – with charters new in Washington – “there are too many unknowns” (TNT, 3-29).

The fact that 42 other states have charters? Doesn’t matter, apparently. We prefer parochial education.

Tacoma School District is rightly proud of being declared an “innovation zone” by the state, but innovation means disrupting the status quo. It means embracing

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