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MARIJUANA: Enjoy your pot at home, please

About one year ago, we decided to take back a bit of our personal freedom here in Washington and voted to legalize the recreational use of marijuana. Now that we’ve begun the road towards finally ending this ridiculous chapter of our nation’s history, it’s time to take a deep breath (pun intended) and exercise a little common sense.

For those people to who choose to enjoy marijuana, it’s important to use this substance in the privacy of one’s home. I do not support public pot-smoking events such as the one recently in Seattle.

Such public displays will attract the federal

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I-502: Let’s proceed with caution on marijuana

In response to the passage of Initiative 502, a recent letter writer (TNT, 11-9) suggested we should change the state’s moniker of “The Evergreen State” to “The EverWeed State.” I thought that was humorous and mused that maybe, back in 1933 when alcohol prohibition ended, we should have made the state’s nickname “The Shot-and-a-Beer State.”

While it’s fun to make cute jokes about the much-needed passage of I-502, the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) is not laughing. The DEA’s very existence depends on substances being banned for the public. The DEA’s salaries, pensions, prestige, health care and other benefits depend

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