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COUNTY: Mental health services must be a priority

Recently, I met with Dawn Morrell, state representative in the 25th District. As a former nurse, she has a strong knowledge base of the health care world and how policies impact everyday care for her constituents.

Expressing my concerns to her about Pierce County’s limited Mental Health resources, she shared that for several years now she has tried to get a tax (very slight, only 0.5 percent of sales tax) to be allocated for increasing resources in Pierce County.

But it gets shot down every time.Why? Does this mean that none of the politicians have a son with bipolar, a wife with depression,

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ELECTION: Morrell targeted for her integrity

I just received two political fliers targeted against candidate Dawn Morrell for state representative in the 25th District. The message of the negative ads was, “Morrell didn’t vote for lower taxes when we asked for them,” so remove one of the most experienced, compassionate, hard-working lawmakers.

At the risk of sounding idealistic and old-fashioned, I share what I believe to be the job of a state lawmaker. I agree that our legislators need to listen to their constituents. More important, their job is to study, know and understand the needs of our whole state. And most important, they are to

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PUYALLUP: Teacher union right about candidate

Re: “GOP candidate gets apology after school talk is interrupted” (TNT, 10-18).

Clearly the Puyallup School District administration messed up if its officials don’t even understand their own policies (as they typically don’t). Thank the teacher’s union for doing so.

Candidate Melanie Stambaugh should also have realized the apparent conflict of interest in even accepting the speaking invitation weeks before the upcoming election, regardless of her topic of discussion. Evidently, as a newcomer to politics, she has much to learn.

Incumbent Rep. Dawn Morrell wouldn’t have broken the policy rule, and yet the Republicans are trying to turn this on the

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ELECTION: Dawn Morrell deserves vote Nov. 4

Being a lifelong resident of Puyallup for 74 years I have found state Rep. Dawn Morrell to be one of the most effective legislators to serve our community. I’ve known many of the legislators who have served the 25th Legislative District and Morrell ranks up with the best of them.

We need Morrell in the Legislature with her experience to clearly understand health care and the needs of patients and practitioners. She has been there to provide the knowledge needed to make sure waste is reduced and true needs are being met.

Morrell tells the truth; she tells it like

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ELECTION: Dawn Morrell’s experience counts

We are fortunate in the 25th Legislative District to have state Rep. Dawn Morrell. She continues in the tradition of legislative leaders like Marc Gaspard, Dan Grimm and George Walk, working every day to make out government work by saving taxpayers millions of dollars and still funding important services for families, veterans and our schools without raising taxes.

As a working nurse, she has been a strong leader to make sure the patients win and not the insurance companies by providing good health care options for our citizens, kids and small businesses.

She has also worked to fully fund schools

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RECORDS: Lawmakers try to reduce public access

Well, there they go again. State and local lawmakers continue to attack our Public Records Act, which helps ensure the public’s right to know what our governments are doing.

For example, in our state House, a sizable number of representatives – let’s say the Gang of 26 – sponsored House Bill 1128. Five notable culprits of that gang are state Reps. Dawn Morrell, D-Puyallup; Jan Angel, R-Port Orchard; Larry Seaquist, D-Gig Harbor; Laurie Jinkins, D-Tacoma; and Tami Green, D-Lakewood.

I’m tired of people reaching into my wallet without my knowledge and permission, and then preventing taxpayers from knowing about the

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ROADS: Give priority to potholes and schools

Re: “Don’t forget about widening SR 162″ (letter, 4-28).

A couple of weeks back I attended a town hall meeting at the Puyallup library, called by state Reps. Hans Zeiger and Dawn Morrell and state Sen. Bruce Dammeier. I mentioned to them that we in Tacoma and Pierce County could not afford to be taxed for highway extensions. We had school levies that had been voted down, and our least able neighbors have had their bus service cut back.

The roads in Tacoma are dangerous to drive on. There is no money in Tacoma to fix the roads. When

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ELECTION: Schlump has deep community roots

I will be voting for Shelly Schlumpf over Dawn Morrell for state representative in the 25th District based on their records.

Schlumpf’s understanding of our community comes from her deep involvement in it. Whether it’s the PTA, Daffodil Festival or our Farmers’ Market, she has strong roots in local causes. Her commitment to our community comes from her concern for its residents. She would take this passion to Olympia and represent us well in the Legislature.

Morrell may be a good person, but she has a bad voting record. For eight years, she voted for fiscally irresponsible budgets and to

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