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DEATH: Prosecutor’s office should seek answers

I read the article “Justice for Brother David” (TNT, 10-24) with great interest. I am thankful to the Tacoma News Tribune for bringing this unfortunate story to the public’s attention. Death is always something difficult and painful to accept, but how much more so a death that seems to have been completely avoidable.

It seems clear that negligence was the probable cause of David’s premature death. David was a vulnerable adult who completely relied on his caregivers to care for all of his basic needs, and he was not given the complete care that he deserved.

Many basic questions

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DEATH: Disabled adults need protection and freedom

The story of David Vernon is a tragedy (TNT, 10-24). My heart goes out to his brother and to all those who loved David. But it is a tragedy, not a mistake by a caregiver or a criminal act. David Vernon was disabled. He needed, and received, assistance. But he also had something profoundly valuable: his autonomy.

Every time we allow a disabled person the autonomy to make their own decisions, we are allowing them to make poor decisions. We cannot, and should not, protect people, even people with disabilities, from making their own mistakes. We also don’t want to

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DEATH: Justice for vulnerable adults hard to come by

Vulnerable adult abuse and neglect is a serious and growing problem (“Justice for his brother,” TNT, 10-24). Unfortunately, vulnerable adult abuse and neglect goes unreported. When it is reported, the complexities associated with investigating and prosecuting these crimes make it difficult to hold the caretakers, supervisors and for-profit corporations like Aacres, LLC accountable.

The vulnerable disabled adults in our county and state deserve the protection of the criminal justice system. These cases are not easy to prosecute. They require perseverance, preparation and dedication. Fortunately, Mark Lindquist, Phil Sorenson, and Mary Robnett have these traits. Together we must protect our vulnerable

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