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MILITARY: What’s wrong with looking like Europe?

Re: “Hagel gives Obama cover for military cutbacks” (David Brooks column, 1-9).

Brooks laments the possibility of America exchanging military might for Obamacare costs if Chuck Hagel becomes the next secretary of defense. Is it the case, however, as Brooks assumes, that all military budget cuts would transform automatically into increased health care costs?

I’d rather see both military and health care spending controlled. But even if Brooks were right, at least instead of lavishing money on weapons designed to kill people, we would be spending it on health care and healing.

The Wall Street Journal just published results

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BROOKS: Columnist forgets rule of law

Re: “In our monuments we express our distrust of authority” (David Brooks column, 6-13).

Because of his sensible argument, columnist Brooks nearly had me. Of course authorities legitimately exist, ideally for the blessing of those who obey them. But certain others tend to grab the mike and usurp those blessings. The rule of law helps us navigate the paradoxes Brooks spoke of, so corruptible men may rule in equity.

But Brooks didn’t mention the rule of law. Instead, he exalts human authority. Then, for contrast, he shifts focus to a pair of modern protest movements, charging them with the low

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KILLING: Love for others enables us to forgive

Re:”The question is, what keeps any of us from killing?” (David Brooks column, 3-21).

After graphically portraying the murderous side of human nature, Brooks comes to the momentous conclusion that “the real question is not what makes people kill but what prevents them from doing so.” But he stops there without answering his question.

What keeps people from killing and violence? The Buddhists could tell us. So could such Hindi as Mahatma Gandhi. So could Christians who practice Christianity the way Jesus taught it, as well as some others. Jesus said “. . . love your enemies, and pray for

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