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PIERCE COUNTY: TNT cheers on the political machine

When Dale Washam was elected and thought to clean up the assessor-treasurer’s office, Kanly was immediately declared by the Pierce County political machine, of which The News Tribune is a willing participant.

Washam’s deputy, Albert Ugas, is now suing Pierce County, claiming conspiracy. The TNT article (11-29) left the meat of Ugas’ lawsuit unclear, opting to attack Washam and Ugas rather than engage any hard news. As a longtime voice for the established machine, this is not surprising.

What always seems to get sugarcoated is that the officers in the assessor-treasurer’s office weren’t doing physical assessments as required by

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RECALL: Decision doesn’t help other campaigns

I read with interest your editorial, “The right of recall wins – too late to remove Washam” (TNT, 11-20), in reference to Judge Robert Bryan’s finding that the limit on contributions to a recall campaign violates the First Amendment.

I only wish that Bryan’s decision would have made the path much easier to “pry a loon out of office.” Unfortunately, he held the statute unconstitutional only as applied to the Washam case, writing that there was no need to find the statute unconstitutional on its face. Therefore, the decision is not binding on other recalls.

Bryan’s decision is illogical.

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ELECTION: Billie O’Brien a common-sense leader

Please support Billie O’Brien for Pierce County assessor-treasurer.

O’Brien has been my manager for about 10 years at the Assessor-Treasurer’s Office. She is highly qualified and experienced. She has been managing the office for several years now on both the appraisal and the administrative sides. She is well respected in the office and works professionally with customers, county officials and other government offices. She has high standards which she practices herself and can count on it from her employees.

O’Brien is a genuine person and public servant. She has demonstrated this consistently by helping long lines of customers. At tax

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ELECTION: Lonergan clearly best choice for assessor

Your front-page article on the five candidates for Pierce County assessor-treasurer (TNT, 7-25) made it even more clear that Mike Lonergan is the right choice.

While two other candidates have worked as department managers in government agencies, only Lonergan has actually served many years as a chief executive (at the Tacoma Rescue Mission and elsewhere in the private sector). One of the candidates has apparently never managed any organization.

I look at it this way: Imagine that the job of assessor-treasurer was not elective, but was being filled through normal hiring practices. It’s an executive position, overseeing 75 employees

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UPLACE: Voters’ choices are important

The unfortunate Dale Washam saga has clearly demonstrated the fact that who we vote for is important. We voters need to be informed on who we are voting for and we need to hold those we elect accountable for their actions.

Two individuals who should be held accountable are University Place City Councilmen Ken Grassi and Stan Flemming. The legacy that they are leaving the city is that multimillion-dollar monument to civic mismanagement: the UP Town Center. They also leave us taxpayers with some of the highest property taxes in the region.

Now they are pursuing the opportunity to mismanage

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ASSESSOR: Change charter and hire a professional

For the past four years, News Tribune readers have been treated with more ink about the Pierce County assessor-treasurer’s office than exists in “War and Peace.”

The problems stem from the fact that this office requires a person with technical professional credentials, not someone interested in running a political campaign. This office has often been the stopping point for politicians who have term-limited out of another office with no better credentials than name recognition.

The taxpayers deserve a professional who is qualified to carry out the duties of the assessor-treasurer office. The county charter could be amended to allow the

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WASHAM: Most voters still lack awareness

I disagree with your comment that there is more voter awareness of Dale Washam today compared to when he was elected in 2008 (editorial, 7-9).

Last year, I visited several of my neighbors in a fairly affluent North End area of Tacoma, and others, with the petition to recall him. The vast majority of those contacted had no knowledge of who or what Washam was about. This after many stories in the media about him, mainly in The News Tribune.

Unfortunately, it is evident to me that a majority of the general public doesn’t pay much attention to politics

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WASHAM: Help him find other employment

Dale Washam’s embarrassment to Pierce County has truly gone on long enough. No one cares anymore about his predecessor’s administration, and no one cares to join Washam in his never-ending witch hunt into the proverbial political train wreck.

Anyone in a similar predicament in the private sector would have been terminated long before everything went out of control. Elected official or not, Washam’s tenure should abruptly end for the good of the county and the integrity of the position itself.

The public could always help Washam and his sidekick, Albert Ugas, find other employment. How about creating a Batman and

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