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TACOMA: Cyclists should use those bike lanes

As a driver throughout Tacoma, I am all for bike lanes for everyone’s safety. However, when bike riders don’t use them it is very frustrating and unsafe.

While driving down the hill on Sixth Avenue recently, there were two bike riders; one was barely in the bike lane, the other one more in my lane. I hesitated to honk for fear of startling them, but I did honk gently but enough for them to hear.

They didn’t move over, so I honked again since the one rider got in my lane completely. Again, neither moved over. I honked a third

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CYCLING: We all need to focus on safety

Re: National Bike Month

Public safety reminders enhance pedestrian and bicycle safety. Bicyclists should ride cautiously, wear proper gear, be visible and obey the rules of the road. Motorized vehicle traffic violations, speeding, improper lane usage, inattentive driving, cellular phones, texting while driving and failing to yield legal right of way remain issues.

Bicyclists and pedestrians find comfort in well-marked paths or roadway shoulders. Sub-optimally maintained, the lanes are intended to have marking for safe use. Some drivers cross into the right-of-way of bike path use, obliterating much of the fog line paint. Many drivers are unaware that the width

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CYCLISTS: Would-be racers shouldn’t be on trail

My wife and I spent the day on the Foothills Trail in Orting. The trail, a county park financed by Pierce County is designed for casual recreational bicycle riding, walking, wheelchairs and horses. It has been overtaken by irresponsible cyclists training for racing or wishing they could be racers.

The 10 mph speed limit is blatantly ignored by racing-style peletons of two, four or six bicycles traveling together well over twice the posted speed as they zip by. They loudly yell “On your left,” and you hope and pray you can get your kids to safety in time for their

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ARMSTRONG: Put scandal into perspective

It is difficult to defend the doping accusations to which Lance Armstrong has now admitted, but there is a public misconception as to exactly what “doping” means.

The public thinks of heroin, cocaine, meth and marijuana when we say “doping,” but the substances used by Armstrong were more stimulants than narcotics and were not illegal or proven harmful but were prohibited by the sport.

Armstrong put in many, many hours of training and conditioning to perform as he did, and performance enhancing drugs or not, he is a superb athlete. You can’t take the average Joe off the street, pump

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CYCLING: Recognize Olympics-bound athletes

On June 15, the men’s and women’s cycling teams for the 2012 Olympic Games were announced. This was not reported in The News Tribune. There have, however, in the last week been two reports on the recent U.S. Anti-Doping Agency charges against Lance Armstrong.

I understand that cycling is not a major sport in the United States, but this choice of stories disturbs me. Obviously, Armstrong is well known and the scope of the charges against him are so significant that it demands reporting. But the local connection to the 2012 Olympic Team is significant as well.

Of the 21

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SPORTS: Tacoma Twilight Criterium deserved coverage

Last weekend was a great weekend for sports events in Tacoma – Relay For Life and Sound To Narrows. However, there was a huge, first-time cycling event downtown in Tacoma that got no press and no pictures in the Sunday paper.

As a cyclist and a volunteer at that event, I was very disappointed in The News Tribune. There were more than 400 cyclists from all over the Northwest, including from men and women from three local Tacoma teams, racing in front of many spectators from 3-9 p.m. Saturday. Many downtown merchants either stayed open or opened specifically for

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SPORTS: Professional sports played by cry babies

All right, I admit it. I have lost all interest in most professional sports. I’m tired of all the whining by overpaid children and the threats of “I’m gonna take my ball and go home.” We should reroute all that money to, say, teachers, but that’s another story.

The only professional sporting event I am interested in is cycling. We currently have two major races going on today and guess what? Not a mention in Monday’s sport section. These races are; the tour of California and the Giro d’Italia. They are premier events in the cycling world and worth

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CYCLING: Article was incomplete

As an avid South Sound cyclist I was pleased to find Craig Hill’s article, “9 tips to get your bike ready for Cycling Season” (TNT, 5-2). However, I was disappointed after reading the article.

Hill left out many vital pieces of information for the home mechanic. For example, I know of two bike co-ops in the Olympia area with tools, parts and know-how available to anyone: Bike and Bike, 302 4th Ave. E.; and The Evergreen State College Bike Shop at
TESC. The latter has a great blog site, too: evergreenbikeshop.blogspot.com. These two shops have saved me and

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