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FACEBOOK: Age limit should be higher than 13

Facebook users who identify themselves as over 13 years old are allowed to gain access to the site. Almost everyone in my classes is on Facebook, and they describe it as an easy way of communication and a
helpful resource to get help on homework through communicating with classmates.

But I know that Facebook also serves as a medium for inappropriate content. Whenever I see harsh language or inappropriate pictures, it makes me wonder whether 13-year-olds should be allowed to have Facebook accounts.

I tend to believe that the age restrictions should be stricter. Clearly, with more than half

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CRIME: Teens vulnerable to cyber crime

I am a junior high student in the Puyallup School District, and I recently listened to Officer Lynn Mock’s cyber-safety presentation at my school. Most of my friends have a Facebook account, MySpace or other social network pages. I don’t personally have one, but the information at the presentation definitely opened my eyes to possible “predators” who want to threaten my safety.

I was amazed at how much information people can find out on these social networking sites. Officer Mock’s presentation showed a man who posed as multiple teenagers on Facebook and “friended” kids my age to eventually sexually abuse

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