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LAKEWOOD: Corridor needs big-picture approach

Re: “Lakewood wants ruling on train routes, not a trial” (TNT, 1-9).

The Joint Base Lewis-McChord/Lakewood/Interstate 5 corridor needs some long-term visionaries to come together and solve the multiple issues that are going to cost us taxpayers a lot of money and heartache.

Don’t you love trains? Apparently one group does, one does not, one only wants transit trains. Everyone wants a cross-base highway, more lanes on I-5, new overpasses, better access and no tolls – but no one has any money. Everyone speaks of safety of the intersections, but no one has solutions. People who live there want

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PROJECTS: Where’s the money to come from?

Recently there has been a lot of talk about business wanting the state Route 167 and 509 extensions and the billions they are going to cost. Others want a cross-base highway and to tax us to prevent flooding from damaging Interstate 5.

Has anybody but me noticed that building permits have been given to build warehouses, stores, condos, apartments, houses, car and mobile home dealerships in the flood plain between Interstate 5 and the Puyallup River? In fact they are at a lower level than the highway. If it is safe enough for them, I-5 cannot be in danger.


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ROADS: Cross-base highway is also badly needed

Re: “167 extension to Port of Tacoma back on table” (TNT, 1-22).

Although finishing state routes 167 and 509 are badly needed, somebody left out the cross-base highway in the equation.

Here is a road that’s been talked about for around 40 years; anybody who drives and commutes in the Joint Base Lewis-McChord area will tell you it is badly needed.

If the state is going to spend a bunch of dough, get enough to finish that road also, because it to is a missing link. These roads are not getting any cheaper, and every year the state drags

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TRAFFIC: What happened to funding shovel-ready projects?

Reporter Brent Champaco details several of the locations in which access/egress from Joint Base Lewis McChord can be made more efficient through road construction projects. He reports, “But the bulk of the project (i.e. cross-base link) remains unfunded. Local legislators were thwarted trying to get $1.5 million in last year’s state transportation budget.”

Unfunded? Yet over half of the so-called federal “stimulus” fund has yet to be allocated. Why or under what circumstances was Washington’s application – assuming our state made one – disallowed or disqualified from federal so-called Obama stimulus funds?

How have our state’s federal representatives

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