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CRIME: Teens given outrageously long sentences

I am a white person who is appalled by the egregious sentences given to Zylon Houston-Sconiers and Treson Roberts (TNT, 9-13). One wonders whether the outcome would have been different if the teens were white and tried by a different judge.

The sentences are longer than those given for some murders. Where is justice ?


CRIME: Copper wire theft more than a ‘nuisance’

Your headline on the front-page article (TNT, 7-16) about copper wire thievery uses the word “nuisance,” as if it were akin to playing music too loudly. Further on in the article, the robbers are referred to as “pilferers,” as if they were taking pencils home from the office.

I doubt those from whom the wire was stolen would characterize the act as a “nuisance.” They likely think of it as grand larceny.

For your paper to use those terms diminishes the severity of the act and serves to encourage rather than discourage similar criminal behavior. It reveals your attitude

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TACOMA: Packages stolen from front porch

It doesn’t have to be the holiday season to have packages stolen from your front porch upon delivery. Today two skateboarders took two packages off my porch. There appeared to be an assist car that directed them parked nearby. They tore off with the packages and left the box/packaging in the adjacent alley after taking the contents.

I would not have been aware even that they were missing if it weren’t for alert neighbors. We are in the North End, but I assume this happens all over Tacoma.


GUNS: Focus on preventing gun-related crimes

Re: “Proposal treats symptoms, not causes” (letter, 2-14).

This letter has me scratching my head. It would seem that the writer’s solution to the problem of guns is to punish criminals after they have gotten a gun and committed a crime. Apparently the idea of preventing a criminal or mentally ill person from obtaining a gun is to be avoided at all costs.

Might I suggest another idea along that same line: Don’t allow the installation of fire hydrants until the house is on fire.

After years of working in McNeil Island, I am of the opinion that far

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MARIJUANA: Voters bamboozled again

Re: “Give us voters a little credit” (letter, 1-14).

Why would anyone give voters credit for passing legislation that not only violates federal law but condemns future generations to disastrous health consequences?

Not once during the legalization campaign were the health aspects of using marijuana dissected. Why didn’t the medical and health care professionals weigh in? Maybe they’re looking for a new revenue stream. Instead, a 20-second TV spot bamboozled the naive voters into thinking a large new revenue stream would be created and the state would save millions in legal costs (wasn’t marijuana already decriminalized?) along with taking

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EDUCATION: Invest early in our children

I echo the excellent advice of retired Rear Admiral Alan Steinman (Viewpoint, 1-13) to the Legislature to invest more in early learning.

The fact that 75 percent of 17- to 24-year-olds are ineligible to serve in the military is a statistic that every American should find deeply troubling. The good news is that, as Steinman writes, early education can solve a “host of problems” that lead to so many young people being ineligible to serve their country.

In addition to the positive outcomes of high-quality preschool cited by Steinman, the Perry Preschool study found that at age 27, kids

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GUNS: Enforce laws already on the books

The recent hysteria concerning gun laws after the Newtown shooting fails to address a simple legal premise: There are far too many gun laws already on the books that prosecutors and judges alike fail to enforce.

If a convicted felon is caught with a firearm, that felon is likely to receive little or no jail time even though federal sentencing guidelines recommend five years of prison time.

I understand that revisiting current gun laws has no one single solution. However, as a society, we can start by getting tougher on crime when it comes to gun law enforcement. Even if

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SHOOTINGS: White males most likely to be mass killers

We have all been shocked by the mass murder at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut. Interested readers should Google “mass murder in America” to learn more about these incidents.

The statistics are shocking, but one in particular has not been highlighted by the media. Mother Jones magazine reports that 71 percent of the 62 firearms-related mass murders since 1982 were committed by white males; only one was by a woman.

That is a stark disconnect from the 2007 Census estimate reflecting that non-Hispanic white males were only 32 percent of the population. The question is why? There is

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