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CRIME: We must try a positive approach

Re: “At least 7 dead, 14 injured over 3 days” (TNT, 7-14).

To fight crime with violence polarizes the two sides, and you create a war. It’s the wrong approach. While some of those measures may be needed, the emphasis should be on the positive side.

When I was teaching school, there was virtually no instruction given students on the dangers and consequences of crime and drug use. Schools should have required courses that give clear evidence of the physical and psychological harm to users of those things, and the devastation it can cause to families and others.

But the

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CRIME: Troubled youth degrade community

Our office has recently dealt with a spike in aggravating issues (some criminal) with young adults and teens who appear to have nothing to do throughout the day.

Each morning, we find beer cans, broken glass, food trash, drug paraphernalia and more strewn throughout the parking lot. Some activities take place during the day, and we have called for help from police. A reduction in resources due to a failed levy has resulted in slow response times. By then, the offender has done the deed and moved on.

You would never guess that we are located in the city that

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TACOMA: Is there a better way than boulders?

Re: “Between rocks and a hard place” (Matt Driscoll column, 6-9).

The boulders near the Tacoma Main Library represent a multi-layered issue that needs more dialogue on how we as a city care for all of our citizens.

How do we work towards making a safer city? How do we support the needs of businesses and create an environment for them to flourish while also supporting those in times of suffering and uncertainty - such as those with criminal backgrounds or those experiencing homelessness, mental illness or chemical dependency.

We as a city need to ask more questions as well as discern

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CRIME: Governor’s out of touch with reality

Re: “Report urges less prison time for property crimes” (TNT, 1-15).

Let me see if I have this straight: Washington has one of, if not the highest rate of property crime (burglaries and car thefts) in the nation. Having established this pretty much as a fact, our brilliant governor wants to resolve the issue by not sending the criminals to jail, but rather by keeping an eye on them or, in his words “supervision and treatment.”

Apparently our governor has never been burglarized, has never lost family heirlooms, had his house trashed and had his children too terrified to

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TACOMA: Violent predator shouldn’t be released

Re: “Sex offender who injured girl released in Tacoma” (TNT, 6-21).

Let me get this straight. A violent Level 3 sexual predator who assaulted a 3-year-old so terribly that the child has permanent brain damage, paralysis, blindness in one eye and diminished sight in the other has been released into the streets of Tacoma?

The man is obviously sick. The real criminals here are the “experts” who let him loose on the public in spite of his extremely violent record, his past violations of parole and his failure to complete sexual deviancy treatment.

We would not let a rabid

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ORTING: Citizen patrol taking the wrong path

Re: “Citizen patrol says it will ‘never let up’” (TNT, 4-17).

I am concerned that a group of six citizens in Orting have taken it upon themselves to work without the police to address Michael Compton’s murder and other crime issues.

Through a process that they alone designed, this group has determined that young criminals are at fault. Kacie Nesby of Opportunity Center of Orting is rightly concerned that targeting youth could provoke violence out of fear or anger.

We at Safe Streets know that proven organizing practices where resident patrols do not carry weapons and who document and

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PRISONS: Resist creating more incarceration

I’m concerned with Gov. Jay Inslee wanting to spend more taxpayer funds on prisons in his proposed budget (TNT, 12-19).

Apparently the state is projecting more inmates than previously expected. While overcrowding is certainly something to be concerned with, perhaps the solution is not to make more space for more inmates.

Our violent crime rate is 2.96 per 1,000 (compared to 3.9 nationally). Violent crime is at a 40-year low. Our murder rate (per capita) is at a 45-year low and is roughly half the national average. Crime overall has remained low for past six years. Recidivism rates have

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CHILDREN: Early learning is also crime prevention

As a law enforcement leader, it is my opinion that early education is one of the most important investments we can make.

Through the Strong Start for America’s Children Act, sponsored by Sen. Patty Murray and a bipartisan delegation in the House, we have a chance to see quality preschool become accessible to all of our nation’s children.

As Murray wrote in her Viewpoint (TNT, 11-14), the “gap between children who start school ready to succeed and those who don’t has serious implications for our country’s future.” I agree. Helping all kids get the right start in life will

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