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DEBT: Easy credit spending out of control

It’s easy to blame those big, bad banks for the financial mess many people find themselves in today. But, all too often, the people who are hurting the worst and complaining the loudest have no one to blame but themselves.

A few months ago I made a purchase at a well known department store. When I checked out, I was told that if I would answer a few questions, I could get a 10 percent discount on my future purchases if I signed up for a credit card and agreed to pay 21 percent interest. No thanks.

On average, credit

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SWIPE FEES: Debit card fees won’t change

Re: ” In battle over swipe fees, it’s banks vs. almost everybody” (Viewpoint, 7-4).

Debit card fees don’t go down as result of the financial overhaul. The bill would let the banks recoup their costs and more as long as the fees are reasonable. Debit cards are treated and processed the same as checks by the banking industry and checks have always cost merchants a small (50 cents or less) fee to deposit.

The fee doesn’t cover the true cost of processing and never has. When the fee is applied to a debit card transaction that is less than

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