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PRISON: There’s value in Correctional Industries

It is unfortunate that The News tribune chose to reprint two stories (12-28) from the Seattle Times regarding Correctional Industries (CI) without first contacting anyone involved with this valuable program. The Times’ stories, in my opinion, are both slanted and lacking a complete description of the program.

The mission of CI is to provide inmates with positive experiences during their incarceration. They are not compelled to participate. In fact, they must apply for the jobs and can be removed from the program if they do not participate in a positive manner.


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DOC: Nose misleading about inmate work

A recent Nose column item (TNT, 6-15) may have given readers an inaccurate understanding of our state’s Correctional Industries program.

This program is a proven key factor in a successful transition from incarceration back to the community. Inmates are provided an opportunity for productive employment during incarceration while learning or improving the skills which will increase their employability once released.

These are not “make-work” jobs. Inmates must be infraction-free for 12 months before applying for a CI job. They must have recommendations from correctional officers who are familiar with them. And they must have sufficient skills and the ability

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