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HOBBY LOBBY: Issue is abortion, not birth control

Re: “Hobby Lobby case: Discrimination in guise of freedom” (Viewpoint, 3-28).

Hobby Lobby is not “opposed to contraceptive coverage” and is not “discriminating against women.” Hobby Lobby has a history of providing excellent employee medical coverage that includes contraception.

The Affordable Care Act mandate requires that the company provide all 20 FDA-approved drugs or devices. Hobby Lobby objects to the four that are potentially life-ending. The issue is abortion, not contraception.

This is not about “a license to avoid complying with otherwise neutral laws that apply to everyone equally,” as the authors suggest. In reality, 93 percent of employers

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ACA: It’s hard to make lemonade out of this lemon

The gist I got from the Viewpoint by Sens. Patty Murray and Barbara Boxer (TNT, 3-25) is that the so-called Affordable Health Act (ACA) is good because it forces all employers to provide full abortion services and birth control coverage.

Never mind that under the metastasizing implementation of the ACA, health-care costs continue to escalate for those who are not subsidized, more people have been dropped from their previous coverage than have signed up for the new, and coverage choices themselves have been excessively reduced at the expense of added bureaucracy and red tape.

Under their tunnel-vision logic, it

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PLAN B: Many parents fail to face today’s realities

Kathleen Parker’s inner debate (column, 5-7)  about the role of government vs. parents in the Plan B emergency contraceptive controversy ignores certain realities.

Reality: Many parents refuse to accept that half of 17-year-olds are sexually active.

Reality: Girls are reaching puberty younger and younger, some as early as 9.

Reality: Vaccinations for 11- and 12-year-olds prevent certain cancer-causing STDs.

Reality: The most influential person in the development of a girl’s self-esteem is her dad, yet many fathers are clueless how to communicate with daughters.

Reality: Often parents turn over responsibility for sex education to the schools. At best, this

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ABORTION: How about coverage for infertility?

I am so disappointed in our state’s decision to mandate insurance companies to cover abortions (TNT, 2-23). What about covering the cost of infertility treatment for those who are trying to conceive?

I personally know several couples who have gone through the infertility process, consciously trying to have a child, and spending thousands of dollars in their attempts. Where is the insurance benefit for these couples?

Since contraception is so readily available to anyone at any time, it almost stands to reason that the number of abortions should be very low, and certainly not something that insurance plans should

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ELECTION: Where do candidates stand on the real issues?

I’ve read every word of every one of The News Tribune’s editorial endorsements of the candidates for every state and federal position, whether or not it pertains to my specific district. And I am disappointed.

Why? Because I’ve been looking, in vain I might add, for the candidates’ views on recent U.S. Supreme Court decisions (corporations as “persons,” unfettered donations by political action committees, women’s reproductive rights, equal pay, etc.) as well as immigration issues, Voter ID, repeal of all or part of the Affordable Care Act, etc. The list goes on.

In our area, it is evident that each

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RELIGION: No one forced to work for church

Re: “Crusade by the conservatives” (letter, 6-14).

Where do the rights of the writer stop and the rights of the Roman Catholic Church begin?

The Roman Catholic Church has been steadfast in its standards for hundreds of years longer than the writer has been alive. As a religious organization, that church has the moral right and constitutional protection from being ordered to violate a core belief. This isn’t about a woman’s right to contraceptive insurance coverage; it’s about a government action interfering in that church’s protected right to free practice without the federal government interfering or taking over.


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RELIGION: Vatican denounces again

Re: “Vatican denounces nun over book on sexuality” (TNT, 6-6).

It looks like the leaders of my church are at it again. The article stated that the Vatican office said that the book by Sister Margaret A. Farley, “Just Love: A Framework for Christian Sexual Ethics,” was “not consistent with authentic Catholic theology” and should not be used by Catholics.

I’m old enough to remember when the church not only told me what books not to read, but also what movies not to see under pain of sin and even not to read the Bible since as a layperson

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RELIGION: Conservatives have launched crusade

I’m not sure what it is, but there seems to be something missing in the debate between Catholic leaders and our government.

In a genuine attempt to provide fair and equitable health care for all of us, the Obama administration has correctly balanced the important health issues of women with those of our male counterparts. This same consideration also focuses on care for infants and children and the need for affordable family health insurance. Surely Catholic leaders and conservative evangelicals agree with this equality.

At issue then, is religious doctrine and the “protection” of religious freedom. Extending the freedom for

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