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SHOPPING: Don’t mess with the American consumer

I’m coming to believe that the American consumer is at the bottom of the food chain. No more are we respected as the driving force to prosperity, but we are viewed by corporate America as suckers to take advantage of.

Like many others, when I run out of a few essentials between supermarket stock-up buying, the neighborhood convenience store has been the go-to alternative to walking, parking and waiting in lines associated with supermarkets. Out of cat food, toilet tissue or cough drops and I can quickly run in and out of the 7-Eleven or other convenience store.

But if

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GUNS: Congress continues to ignore average citizens

The failure of the Senate to pass the background checks bill is another example of a Congress that is increasingly unresponsive to the will of most Americans. It matters little that a majority of Americans favored strengthening of federal background checks. The opinion of a private gun club, the NRA, is more important to them.

The NRA seems to have as much power as many government agencies, if not more, and it is not accountable to American citizens. Other examples of congressional unwillingness to act affect consumer protection and public safety. Consider the following examples:

• Many senators and representatives

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