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LIBERALS: They clean up conservatives’ messes

Re: “Liberals: How about an apology for failures?” (letter, 5-6).

Don’t blame liberals for trying to fix an economic mess conservatives caused. Most economists contend the problem with the stimulus was that it wasn’t big enough.

Franklin Roosevelt and the Democrats got us out of the Depression by enacting big projects like electrifying the country, which set the stage for manufacturing jobs creating devices that made life easier. Later, huge highway projects moved commerce. Obama was stopped of all such efforts by Republicans.

Obamacare is a life-saver to millions. If we didn’t spend 43 cents of every tax dollar

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EQUALITY: The Declaration is a liberal document

I read Michael Gerson’s paean (TNT, 7-4) to the Declaration of Independence with bemusement. All he writes is absolutely correct, yet the biting irony is that this conservative writer entirely ignores the gorilla in the room. The “philosophical statement” that Thomas Jefferson injected into the Declaration is a searing liberal proclamation, slapping the face of conservative ideology, then and now.

That all men are created Equal, and divinely entitled to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness remain the elusive goals of liberal ideology, while conservatives continue to resist the manifestation of these ideals every step of the way,

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POLITICS: Nation needs conservative government

The Democrats dominate the nation and our state. The federal government is out of control; more than 40 percent of the government’s spending is borrowed money. President Obama’s plan is to boost the middle class by spending more.

Obama has had four years to help the middle class, and the middle class is rapidly moving toward poverty. There are more taxes, depreciated houses, higher costs, costly regulations, loss of meaningful jobs, poor education, out-of-control rogue nations, and a host of trends toward government bankruptcy and deterioration of national defense.

A conservative government is the only way out of a national

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PLURALISM: Liberals aren’t the oppressors

Usually conservatives hide the differences between liberal and conservative values. But Michael Gerson (column, 6-19) freely admits how liberalism exalts the values of “equality and choice,” while conservatism seeks to conserve “exclusive, traditional … sectarian beliefs and hierarchical authority.”

But then Gerson dives into the conservative philosophical mire, stating that “liberal” government defends “individual rights against every form of oppression, public and private,” thus running roughshod over defenseless conservatives and their cherished hierarchy.

In contrast, he maintains, conservatives favor “pluralism” – government that tolerates traditional values and institutions – as long as they aren’t too offensive. So a conservative government

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CONSERVATIVES: Name is new, but ideas aren’t

Re: While Obama offers a health care ploy, Ryan offers a plan” (Michael Gerson column, 5-1).

So it’s “reform conservatism” now, is it? I guess “compassionate” and “neo” and “paleo” didn’t work out so well, so now it’s time to rebrand – again.

Looks like the same old junk to me. Behind the shiny new name is good old “trickle-down.” Gerson tries to paint as pragmatic Paul Ryan’s radically divisive, punitive and austere budget plan that takes from the poor and middle class and lavishly pampers the ultra-rich and corporations.

It’s exactly what “supply-side” economics has always been: the

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OBAMA: Realize threat of four more years

Conservative moms and grandmothers can no longer stay out of politics because it causes arguments and hard feelings. The future success of our kids and grandkids is in jeopardy.

Just as we would protect our kids from physical danger, we must protect our kids and grandkids from economic danger. We must actively support the conservative candidate of our choice. We can’t just show up at the polling place and vote. We have to try and convince our friends and neighbors to see the threat of another four years of Barack Obama as president and work actively to get out the

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POLITICS: Conservative spin is masterful

Conservatives dodge and weave and hide from the facts of history, while a gullible, low-information populace wafts in forgetfulness. Conservative-think blames this near-Depression on Obama’s “failed policies,” braying he has run up a titanic deficit as the “food stamp president.”

Lost in the unfathomable mists of time, which is to say three years ago, is the picture of George W. Bush falling like an Italian cruise ship captain into a waiting lifeboat and fleeing the scene while the ship of state was still in its earliest stage of distress from the catastrophic recklessness of 30 years of conservative economic policy.

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POLITICS: Conservatives play games with words

To any English Ph.D candidate needing a topic for their dissertation, here’s a hot one: the right-wing propaganda machine’s (appallingly successful) 30-year campaign to turn the language on its head.

My favorite example is their stock response to any hint that the super-rich might want to start paying their fair share in taxes so that, you know, the country doesn’t devolve immediately into a third-world-style oligarchy: “Class warfare!” The old 180-degree semantical flipperoo – sheer genius!

But Richard Davis’ column (4-7) bemoaning Washington state’s cruelty to our poor, he cast beleaguered businessmen in nearly the same light by listing “lack

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