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AMERICA: It’s OK for minority to bully majority?

Why is it that if you believe marriage is defined as between one man and one woman you are labeled a bigot? If you disagree with the president’s damaging policies they call you a racist? Or if you believe that abortion is morally wrong you are said to hate women? If you are a devout believer in God and attend a church, you are somehow less intelligent and misled.

What happened to an America where people were allowed freedom and liberty and didn’t have a statist agenda forced upon them? When did the minority bully the majority?

I say it

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LIMBAUGH: Pitts stereotypes conservatives

Re: “The Rush Limbaugh rock: How low can you go?” (Leonard Pitts Jr. column, 3-7).

Pitts is partially correct; there will be backlash for his column. But not because of his comments about Rush Limbaugh, but rather his generalizations of conservatives.

I couldn’t care less about Limbaugh. I am a conservative, but he is not my spokesman or my cheerleader. His views are not my views. I am not a bigot. I am not a misogynist. I am not a warmonger.

Many people just like me believe in responsible government, the Bill of Rights, liberty, holding people responsible for

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GEORGE WILL: Case isn’t made for conservatism

Re: “A case for conservatism – the adult kind” (George Will column, 2-17).

Will deserves high marks for civility but falls miserably short when it comes to building a solid case for conservatism.

He targets the administration’s health care bill as designed to “engulf private markets and produce a single-payer system or its equivalent.” To that I would ask: Is that a bad thing? Private markets have made health care incredibly expensive, bureaucratic and available only to those who can afford exorbitant premiums.

Will would also “reform entitlements and produce economic growth.” For me, that’s code for privatizing Social Security

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