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PIERCE COUNTY: Conservation district funding invaluable

For a measly $5 per parcel we are going to hamstring one of the important agencies of Pierce County (Kathleen Merryman column, 11-8).

The Pierce Conservation District does invaluable work to protect and improve our environment. They have been organizing groups and individuals to monitor creeks and streams, tracking their health or lack of it. They have programs that show farmers and other animal owners how to provide healthy environments for their cows, pigs, chickens, sheep, horses, etc., in ways that also keep our drinking water clean and our streams and rivers healthy.

They are responsible for raising

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PIERCE COUNTY: Council errs in defunding conservation district

Removing the heart from the Pierce Conservation District (Kathleen Merryman column, 11-8) is a remarkably bad decision by the County Council. The news of this sudden pronouncement to defund a vital community service, coming in the same week as revelations about the overly generous pay scales of many of our municipal employees, seems a most grievous example of misplaced priorities and bad judgment.

The Pierce Conservation District emerged in recent years as a crucial public partner to local volunteer groups and nonprofit agencies, enabling the protection of county resources and conserving natural places in our neighborhoods. The collective wisdom of

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