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COUNTY: McCune wastes time and money

Shame on Pierce County Councilman Jim McCune for wasting taxpayers’ money and for wasting the time and energy last night of council members Connie Ladenburg, Rick Talbert and Stan Flemming.

County Council members are elected to attend to the needs of the people of Pierce County. McCune – with the support of his colleagues Dan Roach, Joyce McDonald and Doug Richardson – took time away from the important county work that needs to be done last night when he brought a frivolous resolution to the council that was aimed at furthering his own personal interest rather than the interests of

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COUNTY: Does anyone know what time it is?

Re: Pierce County Council member Connie Ladenburg’s proposal to move council meetings to a later start time of 5 p.m., allowing for more citizen participation (TNT, 3-26).

My former colleague on the University Place City Council, County Council member Stan Flemming, must be truly stressed about turning 60 at the end of this month. Always a clear thinker with an elephant’s memory, Flemming was quoted as saying that “we were lucky to get one person to show up” – referring to a 6 p.m. start time for University Place council meetings.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise, because our

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TACOMA: Purchase would boost habitat, recreation

The City of Tacoma has a special opportunity to protect an important natural area by purchase of open space in the southwest corner of the South Tacoma Wetlands Conservation Area, near South 52nd and South Mullen streets.

The city has applied for a Washington Wildlife and Recreation Program grant to acquire additional property in this habitat corridor to offer public access and relaxing recreational opportunities for city residents.

The addition of this property to the Wetlands Conservation Area will protect wildlife habitat for a significant variety of native species. It will also provide a unique educational setting where schoolchildren can

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ELECTIONS: Time for vote-by-mail has come

Re: “Mail-only vote next?” (TNT, 1-13).

I admit that I got a little wistful reading the coverage of HB 1002, the bill set to be the final nail in the coffin of Pierce County’s tradition of poll voting. My parents took me to the polls since I could walk. I, too, registered as a poll voter, and remain one today despite our dwindling numbers. It still gives me a sense of civic pride and engagement.

Nonetheless, I applaud freshman Pierce County Reps. Laurie Jinkins and Connie Ladenburg for co-sponsoring HB 1002. Vote-by-mail is simply better public policy. Proponents point out

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